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Supernaut – Supernaut (1997)

Supernaut – Supernaut (1997)
Dirt Recordings – DIRTY15CD

Fucking hell!

It’s like buses. You wait 10 hours for one, and then twelve turn up! Well, that happened me in Shenzhen last week. Maybe it’s just a Chinese phenomenon!

Anyway, I was waiting ages to make a “Blue In Heaven” post. And then, suddenly now we’ve also had access to this treasure!

Yes, this project involves BIH’s frontman Shane O’Neill, and fellow Churchtown denizen, the great Dave Long (of “Into Paradise” fame).

And what’s more, we’ll also be posting some more classic albums from Dave’s wonderful “Into Paradise”!

I want the “Blue In Heaven” and “Into Paradise” revival to start NOW!

Yes, via the wonderful assistance of our friend Serge Zeni, we’ve been able to get access from Dave Long to this great Supernaut album, as well as his great works with “Into Paradise”!

Merci bien, Serge! Dave, aussi!

It doesn’t get much better than this!“Blue In Heaven” were a band I loved years ago as a teenager and saw live many times! I once travelled hundreds of miles (in paddyland, that’s quite far!) back and forth to Cork one day just to see them headline an outdoor gig by the banks of the Lee at a “Carling Rocks” festival, as I recall!

Yeah, my old man sure gave me a warm fucking welcome when I got back home in the wee hours, that night! So warm, I couldn’t sit down for about three days!

I also loved “Into Paradise” who, although not necessarily in terms of sound, had many similarities with “Blue In Heaven”, primary among which being the quality of the music they made, the greatness of their live shows and, most unfortunately, the lack of the success they so richly deserved.

So who are Supernaut? Glad you almost asked! Supernaut was a one-off recording project involving Dave Long and Shane O’Neill, with other collaborators including Dave Clarke and Paul McQuillan.

This sounds quite different to both “Blue In Heaven” and “Into Paradise”, and is actually a very good album. There’s a real vibrancy to the tracks which combine the raw vitality of a garage band with My Blood Valentine type soundscapes.

This album is very good indeed,somewhat of a neglected classic! Too bad they didn’t make any more records.


1: Sun Just Shines
2: In A Car
3: Feel So Real
4: Merry Go Round
5: Sunday Morning
6: So Glad
7: Give Me More
8: If She Stays
9: Waiting.

All songs written, produced and recorded by Supernaut: David Long, Shane O’Neill, Dave Clarke & Paul McQuillan.

Here be real music, mofos!


All thanks to Serge and Dave!

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