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Dave Holland Quintet – Points Of View (1998)

Dave Holland Quintet – Points Of View (1998)
MP3 | 192kbps | | 107mb
Genre: Jazz

Dave Holland (double bass)
Billy Kilson (drums)
Steve Wilson (alto & soprano saxophone)
Robin Eubanks (trombone)
Steve Nelson (vibraphone, marimba)

This fine piece was recorded on September 25/26, 1997 at Avatar Studios, New York City.

The persuasive melodies and dark harmonies on bassist Dave Holland’s Points of View further affirm his position as one of the most inventive jazz composers since his ascendance in the late 1960s.

On this date, Holland leads a stunning quintet comprised of vibraphonist Steve Nelson, trombonist Robin Eubanks, saxophonist Steve Wilson, and drummer Billy Kilson.

The strong communal empathy and suspenseful improvisational zeal enliven the gorgeous set of originals. The quintet successfully forges an enticing tension as it layers brooding passages on top of fiery Latin-tinged grooves.

The startling timbres created by Holland, Eubanks, and Wilson suggest a heavy European classical influence, especially on Wilson’s melancholy “The Benevolent One,” and Holland’s haunting “Bedouin Trail.”

They also hint at funk with the rhythmically daring “Metamorphos,” as the horn section darts spiky lines against Nelson’s wonderful vibraphone solo, as well as giving hints of Latin-influenced R&B with the enchanting “Serenade.” Points of View is yet another dynamic album by the superb Holland.

Highly recommended.

Amazon reviewer:

The Dave Holland Quintet hits the mark with “Points of View”. The music in this album is a metaphor for the city – from dark and moody – to hectic and frantic – to light and energetic.

The quintet is very tight with great performances all around. The combination of trombone, sax, vibraphone, drums and bass make this a unique and exciting sound alternative to other cosmopolitan jazz albums with more standard rhythm sections. The solos and ensemble playing are very progressive, with chord changes often moving at a furious pace.

The conversations between instruments shows a serious understanding of the music being performed – a delight to any fellow musician. This album is of the highest quality of musical performances. A worthy investment for the jazz fan.


1. The Balance (9:18)
2. Mr. B. (10:54)
3. Bedouin Trail (8:48)
4. Metamorphos (8:23)
5. Ario (10:17)
6. Herbaceous (9:40)
7. The Benevolent One (6:59)
8. Serenade (6:49)

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