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Hell is Uber-fake-Boobed Uber-Bitch Omarosa Manigault-Stallwort and Uber-Cnut Piers Morgan and the Trumps

Here’s the strangely named Omarosa Manigault-Stallwort, a two-time participant on awful Donald Trump’s awful television reality show The Apprentice. A two-time loser there too!

Seeing her briefly on that show today (some repeat from March, apparently) with her horrid silly cones – along with the smug, obnoxious Trump and his obnoxious (but cute in a wierd, S&M way) daughter, gave me quite a headache!

But I was hungover and the tv remote was at the other side of the room, so I watched the show – the first and last of this garbage I will endure!

Having that Brit scumbag, Piers “Morgan” Moron on there didn’t fucking help either!

Sartre was right when he said “Hell is Other People“.

However, if J.P. was more specific, he might have said “Hell is Uber-fake-Boobed Uber-Bitch Omarosa Manigault-Stallwort and Uber-Cnut Piers Morgan and the Trumps …. and any other cnuts on that dumb show!

Back to Brit scumbag, Piers “Morgan” Moron, a former editor of nasty and dumb British tabloid rags the News of the World and the Daily Mirror, he’s had a rather colourful and nasty career.

Not only responsible for regularly ruining peoples’ lives via his army of paparazzi scum, but also found guilty of breaching the Code of Conduct on financial journalism for dodgy purchases of shares and other accusations. Of course, he was sacked a few times too!

Rather hilariously though he was filmed last year falling from a segway and breaking his ribs! That’s just the beginning of proper karma for this asshole, I hope!

The moron, hilariously too, had previously commented in 2003, in the Daily Mail, after U.S. President George W. Bush fell off a Segway, that “You’d have to be an idiot to fall off, wouldn’t you, Mr. President?”
Before and after silly cones, she’s still the same cnut!

Back to Miss Silly Cone, according to her official contestant bio for The Apprentice, Manigault-Stallworth was “a former political appointee in the Clinton-Gore White House.”In April 2004, People Magazine broke the story of Omarosa’s unstable tenure in the federal government, noting that she had been “banished from four jobs in two years” at least in part due to her inability to “get along with people”.

All in all, what a lovely cast of characters!

It really reminds me of one of Dante’s circles of Hell!

Imagine being stuck with these cnuts for eternity! Well, even for two minutes!!

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