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Doug Sahm : Texas Road Runner- The Renner Sides 1961-’64 (1986) @256

Doug Sahm : Texas Road Runner- The Renner Sides 1961-’64
Released 1986

This album fills the gap between Sahm’s earliest recordings for Harlem (1958-1960) and the beginning of his worldwide success in 1965, when he signed to Tribe Records.

Doug’s records for Renner belong to the rarest and most sought-after Texas-singles and have never been released on LP so far.

This album features all 12 Renner sides. They show Sahm’s progressive development as a versatile and creative musician, much more self-conscious already than on his Harlem recordings and also the sound is more powerful and balanced than before.

All songs show a strong R&B flavor: there are some New Orleans influenced R&R songs, some fine blues pieces and a number of self-penned West Side ballads. This album does not need any further recommendation.

It is not just another Doug Sahm album, but it reveals a part of the rich and colourful music scene of San Antonio in the early sixties, a field which is still quite unexplored. This LP brings you back to the heydays of this South Texan town, to the days of clubs like The Old Tiffany, The Ebony, and the Blue Note Lounge.

After all these years these clubs are gone, but the music still stands up and sounds vivid like years ago. So let the West Side sound roll again!


01.Makes no difference ’61
02.Big hat ’61
03.Crazy crazy feelin’ ’61
04.Baby what’s on your mind ’61
05.Two hearts in love ’62
06.Just because ’62
07.Little angel ’62
08.Cry ’62
09.Lucky me ’63
10.A year ago today ’63
11.Bill baety ’64
12.Mr. kool ’64

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