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Duran Duran – Big Thing (1988) @ 320

Duran Duran – Big Thing
Released 18 October 1988
Recorded Davout Studios, Paris 1988
Genre Rock, synth pop, new wave
Length 44:48
Label Parlophone
Producer Duran Duran, Jonathan Elias, Daniel Abraham

Mp3@ 320

Aw c’mon. You gotta like the Ran!

Not exactly amongst the canon alongside Dylan, Cohen, Waits, Velvets et al … BUT, in fairness, they have made some moments of pure classic pop!

This was a rather strange one, wherein they tried to shed their teeny pop image!

And “Duranduran” made this LP! NOT Duran Duran!!

In 1988, the musical climate was changing, veering to a more dance-based groove. Duran Duran were known primarily as an early ’80s new wave synth-pop act, and the band was sitting at a career crossroads; Big Thing was their stab at maintaining musical credibility.

Turning to more synth- and bass-heavy grooves than their previous efforts, Big Thing was seen by many as the band’s “house music” album. Tracks like the first single “I Don’t Want Your Love”, the title track, and the album’s second single “All She Wants Is” cemented the band’s more aggressive dance angle.

Oddly, the band decided to stylise how they spell their name, shortening it to the single word “Duranduran“!!

To get the new music played without preconceived ‘teeny bopper band’ notions of Duranduran, the band sent an edited three minute version of album tracks “The Edge Of America” and “Lake Shore Driving” to radio stations, known as “Official Bootleg: The LSD Edit”. The promo was credited to “The Krush Brothers”, which the band also used in a few surprise live dates.

Dance music and stylist respellings aside, Big Thing was an album of contrasts. While the general feel was a response to the burgeoning house music and rave scene, a number of tracks on the album harked back to the band’s more lush arrangements. Tracks like “Land”, “Palomino” and the single “Do You Believe In Shame?” had more in common with “Save A Prayer” or “The Seventh Stranger” than with Chicago house.

The album also contains two short pieces entitled “Interlude One” and “Flute Interlude” which were more experimental in nature than anything the band had done before. The band would repeat the use of these “interludes” on future albums with “Shotgun” appearing on Duran Duran (1993) and “Prototypes” featuring on some versions of Pop Trash (2000).

While the album and the first two singles did quite well in the charts, the relative failure of the third single “Do You Believe In Shame?” (it reached #30 in the UK) killed off any chance for a fourth single from the album. A house version of “Drug” which had been recorded with producer Marshall Jefferson in April 1989 was tentatively slated as that single.

A brief legal challenge surrounded the close resemblance of the melody of “Shame” to that of the Dale Hawkins classic “Suzie Q” (more famously covered by Creedence Clearwater Revival). It was judged that there was no intentional plagiarism in this case.


1. Big Thing
2. I Don’t Want Your Love
3. All She Wants Is
4. Too Late Marlene
5. Drug (It’s Just a State of Mind)
6. Do You Believe in Shame?
7. Palomino
8. Interlude One
9. Land
10. Flute Interlude
11. Edge of America, The
12. Lake Shore Driving
13. Drug (It’s Just a State of Mind) – (Daniel Abraham mix)

Here be Duranduran


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