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The Ballad of Ron Wood and the Roosky Teenage hotty

Ekaterina’s hobbies include taking the dog, and the Grandpa, for a walk

Poor Woody seems to be kinda broke, what with teenage entanglements with Roosky’s called Ekaterina Ivanova and divorce settlements to an irate wife and all!

Woody ‘s even resurrected the Faces. He’s also written new music with Rod Stewart! The horror!

This is one reason we don’t run off with teenage Russian hotties! Well, that and the fact we can’t find any!!

“I love Grandpa Ronnie”

When Ron Wood told Bill Wyman, former Stones child wedder and bassist, that he had a new piece on the side, a 19 year old Roosky hotty with a hell of a lot of syllables in her name, Wyman asked “why do you always go for the old chicks?” !!

” Stop staring at me like that, Wyman ! “

An interviewer recently asked young Ekaterina Ivanova “what attracted you to filthy-rich multi-millionaire Ron Wood“!!

Young Ekaterina Ivanova looked pensive for a few moments and then replied “I always wondered what the phrase ‘rhetorical question’ meant. Until now.

For a long time, Ron had felt his wife was like a monkey on his back

Ron really does believe that adage “out with the old”! This, despite the fact that he’s 97 years old, himself!

Anyway, news arrives that the Rolling Stones are still alive! What a shocker! And there may be a new tour! Wonderful news for wheelchair manufacturers!

Read more below!

The Rolling Stones are reportedly putting plans in place for a 2009 tour – after guitarist Ronnie Wood’s hopes of reuniting The Faces fell through.

Wood was eager to get the seventies band back together, telling Rolling Stone magazine that he and former frontman Rod Stewart were working on new material and talking about a series of concert dates later this year.

But Stewart dismissed the comeback reports, with his representative saying, “There are no plans for a Faces reunion tour this year.”

And now Wood has persuaded his Rolling Stones bandmates to consider taking to the road on a global jaunt – their first since 2006’s A Bigger Bang tour – according to the Daily Express.

A source tells the publication, “Now that the Faces reunion seems to be off, Ronnie is free to perform with the Stones. There is this offer for a U.S. tour on the table. It’s a good offer.”

However, it is alleged Wood is eyeing a Rolling Stones tour because he is desperate to earn more cash to cover his impending divorce from estranged wife Jo.

The insider adds, “Keith (Richards) is particularly close to Ronnie and told him it would be a great way of getting back on his feet, both personally and financially, after all that’s happened over the past several months.”

Wood left his wife of 23-years in 2008 after his affair with 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova was exposed. He subsequently moved out of the family home and has offered Jo a reported £3 million-a-year divorce deal.

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