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Leonard Cohen – The Fourth, The Fifth, The Minor Fall

The Fourth, The Fifth, The Minor Fall

BBC Radio 2
Saturday 01 November
Mp3 / 114Mb

from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

We’ve written before about one of the greatest songs of all time, ‘s majestic which will surely soon be the most covered song ever – thanks to a slew of awful saccharine versions proliferating lately!

We’ve written about this masterpiece several times before

The popularity now of this great track, when for years the original and best versions (the very different versions from Various Positions and Cohen Live, respectively) were all but ignored, has everything to do with dilution of art and the consequent effect of making art palatable to the masses!
Said process started with the saccharine Jeff Buckley version on the Grace LP and has never let up, as the song has become – and still becomes – ever more and more diluted!

It really grates when morons say that, for example, Buckley’s or Wainwright’s or, Heaven forbid, Bon Jovi’s version is the best! Listen to Lenny’s two original released versions assholes! Just because Lenny’s voice isn’t exactly angelic doesn’t mean the maestro is clueless as to how one of his masterpieces should be properly delivered!

Lenny – and only Lenny – delivers this great song perfectly!

Lately Hallelujah has bizarrely become a standard for idiotic acts in dross muzak shows such as American Idol and some crap UK show called X Factor!

Something’s wrong! Hallelujah‘s not exactly Macca’s mawkish Yesterday (the most covered track of all time, officially)! Or one of those vile Mariah Carey type songs the morons on these shows are always squealing out! Hallelujah is a complex, multi-layered song of beautiful and powerful poetry, above a perfectly sublime and deceptively simple melody.

On the other hand, perhaps, unbeknown to us, the taste of the masses has increased at an infinite rate recently!!!

by tulzdavampslayer

Anyway, here’s an interesting recent BBC Radio show devoted to this great song and hosted by Guy Garvey from Brit Indie darlings Elbow!

Here’s the Beeb blurb;

A Mercury Prize-winner hasn’t got the guts to cover it; Bob Dylan and Bono are two of the many who’ve attempted it; Jeff Buckley’s version is in Rolling Stone’s top 500 greatest songs ever. The song in question? Leonard Cohen’s transcendental Hallelujah.

“I like to imagine Hallelujah as a rather stately creature,” says presenter Guy Garvey (Elbow frontman and said Mercury winner) “It’s a mark of its power and guile that artists who didn’t even write it, feel protective of it.”

The ever eloquent and always genial Garvey does a bewitching job of explaining the nuances and dramatically different interpretations of this magical song, helped by some of the artists and producers who’ve worked on the 120 covers.

Praise be.

Here she be:

Here’s a collection of just ten very “varied” covers of this classic! Can you spot the one good version?!

10 YouTube Hallelujah Performances

Big thanks to SonicTrooper and DigitalReporter


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