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Lovel Asian beauty Elly Shee

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Ethnicity:Korean, 1/8 Japanese
Hometown: Los Angeles
Measurements: 32C-23-32
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Interview and pix From MITT


What is your name? nicknames?
My name is Elly Shee. I have no nick name… how lame… Did you see that? I just totally rhymed.. I sooo cool!

And where are you from?
I’m from Los Angeles.

So where do u live now??
JUST moved to West Covina~! Right next to Ikea…

I also heard you recently moved… how has that been going?
Well, I kinda freaked out at one point but I ended up just being ok with it. Lets just say it wasn’t my idea to move away from LA.

Hmmm, do u have myspace? Can I have link?
Of course you can~! ADD me.. I need more friends!

You have a lot of pictures on your you get a lot of weirdos like me trying to add you?
Actually, this myspace is pretty new so no weirdos yet (:

So like how hard is it to being sexy? Hahah
I’m still a newbie.. Wait,…. I’m sexy? Lol…

What is your nationality?
I’m Korean and 1/8 Japanese.

So explain your Background, Where did elly shee come from and how does she like modeling and car scene?
I started Gogo dancing about 10 months ago, and a friend introduced me to modeling scene. I love being so confident with myself! Seeing all thoses nice cars makes me want to drive REAL fast… “Not gonna lie..

Do you have any shout outs or anyone you would like to thank?
Monkee, TTBFFs

Big thanks to MITT

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