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Euros Childs – Cheer Gone [Wichita 2008]

Euros Childs – Cheer Gone [Wichita 2008]

We loved the innovative Welsh indie band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci back in the day and saw them play live a few times. The band were well ahead of their time and sadly thus never attained the commercial success they deserved.

We like head honcho Euros Childs’ (yap, that’s a real name … not just a random currency and random description of a youth, brought together!) solo output too. This one, his fourth, is no different.

Although a change in style is afoot here with a definite country tinge across many of the songs. It was, after all, recorded in Nashville!

Nice cover artwork too!

On this, his fourth solo album in three years, ex-Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci frontman Euros Childs takes a trip to Nashville, recording with engineer Mark Nevers and a host of local musicians including Matt Swanson of Lambchop.

All songs were laid down live, usually within the first two takes, and there’s a real sense of ease embedded in the recordings.

While outright country isn’t the order of the day, there’s a lot of laidback lapsteel, twanging banjo and folksy stylings on Cheer Gone, starting with the slow piano swing of ‘Autumn Leaves’, an immediately brilliant slow jam, followed by another in the shape of ‘Summer Days’.

Slightly more upbeat is ‘Her Ways’, which although slightly rougher around the edges – and slightly Beatles-like – doesn’t entirely dispense with the country & western factor. Perhaps due to the rapid turnover rate of the recording sessions (all finished after six days), there are one or two numbers in which Euros lets the band take five (’Always Thinking Of Her’, ‘Farm Hand Murder’) only consolidating the pervading sense of rawness and intimacy that characterises the entire album. Highly recommended..


1. Autumn Leaves 3:35
2. Summer Days 2:02
3. Her Ways 3:14
4. Nineteen Fifties 3:07
5. My Love Is Gone 2:38
6. Always Thinking Of Her 2:02
7. Farm Hand Murder 3:38
8. Saving Up To Get Married 4:14
9. O Ein Dear 3:58
10. Medicine Head 2:21
11. Sing Song Song 1:32

Here she be:

Big thanks to lflipcabral

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