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House MD – Family Guy

Nice work from Jukkart

Artist’s Comments:

House MD drawn in the style of Family Guy-toon.

Really liking both shows. Currently in Finland, we’ve only got season 3 of House so looking forward of more!

Medium: Pen-tool in Photoshop CS

House MD (c) Fox 2008
Family Guy (c) Seth MacFarlane

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Peter Griffin’s freakin real!

Somewhere in Rhode Island!

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Family Guy back in the freakin’ sweet White House!

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Hill, ain’t this freakin sweet?

by Jerry Holbert, Boston, MA, The Boston Herald

It is very easy to confuse Peter Clinton with Bill Griffin!

But to prove they are not actually the same entity, we have evidence in the pictures below (from the excellent episode “Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey“!)

Clinton: “Dude, check it out! There’s a pig behind that fence. Dude, come on! We can totally eat that pig. We could, we could do it, man, we could. …. That pig could be in our stomachs right now”

Clinton: “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world, wrapped in plastic, it’s fantastic …. “

Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman …”

Clinton has actually appeared in Family Guy on numerous occasions, usually appearing in cutaway gags – and often shown naked! (ewww!)

Billy grabbed Hillary’s boobies when he realized that the world was being blown up as a result of Y2K malfunctions at the turn of the millennium in the episode Da Boom.

Billy also approved the U.S. attack on the independent state of Petoria in the episode E. Peterbus Unum, and sang “It’s One Fine Day to be Nude” in the episode You May Now Kiss the…uh…Guy Who Receives.

Most famously, Billy and Peter spend a lot of time together in the Season 5 episode Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey, getting up to many shenanigans including getting high in Bill’s limo, snatching a pig, playing Dance Dance Revolution etc.

Peter – “Hey, Bill, I took this money from Lois’s purse, but I don’t think she’ll notice because she is here … humping YOU?”

They fall out though when Bill seduces and sleeps with Lois! Later, at the end of that episode, Bill also sleeps with Peter!! Erm … so Peter Griffin is gay?

Clinton was asked to perform his own voice for the character in Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey, but – very very surprisingly! – he declined, so head honcho Seth MacFarlane performed it!

Clinton – “Hey Lois! You up for a little ‘exit polling’ ?”

This episode received wonderful accolades from the Parents Television Council, calling it the “worst TV show of the week” and commenting that “the episode Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey treated audiences to another half-hour of the most depraved and disrespectful programming imaginable.” What a commendation! If those freaks hate it so much, it must be fucking good!

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Intellectually Equal Candidate for Palin at last .. Peter Griffin !

No, I’m not drunk … just exhausted ’cause I’ve been up all night drinking.

– Senator Griffin (representative of the state of drunken animation)

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Peter Griffin babe !

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MILF and Cookies? Yes Please!

MILF and Cookies
by operative274

A tribute to Lois Griffin – surely the most sought after cartoon hotty ever!

Hey nerds …… she’s not real!

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