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The 26 Hottest Star Trek Babes

October 7th, 2008 by hecklerspray

They are the babes we’d all like to boldly go with – the hottest women to ever appear in Star Trek.

But compiling a list of the sexiest ever was never going to be easy. With all its different incarnations and the sheer volume of life-forms Captain Kirk alone has sullied, it’s certainly a tough job. But Hecklerspray has never been one to shirk a challenge and is prepared to risk the wrath of Trekkies across the world by compiling a list of lovelies that are the envy of the galaxy.

And we are pretty happy with the results. Put it this way, we’d certainly love to get our hands on their tricorders. However, we are sure you will have your own suggestions. As always, please let us know of any glaring omissions – not that you need any encouragement, you pedantic, miserable bastards.

And before you ask, we have not included the upcoming Star Trek film, which is due to be released next year. So the names Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Morrison have not been added to the list this time, but would certainly come into contention next time if we decided to do this list again.

Anyway, set your phasers to stun and enjoy.

26. Tasha Yar (Denise Michelle Crosby)
Next Generation

A personal favourite, but, sadly, the frankly blokeish haircut bumped our dear Tasha down the list.

25. Marta (Yvonne Craig)
Original series

Batgirl as a green-skinned slave girl – what’s not to like?

24. Dr Helen Noel (Marianna Hill)
Original Series

Love her bedside manner.

23. Droxine (Diana Ewing)
Original Series

One of the most elegant actresses to pass through the series.

22. Nona (Nancy Kovack)
Original Series

Played a Kanutu medicine woman in A Private Little War, but is possible more famous for her role as Medea in Jason And The Argonauts.

21. Lt. Saavik (Kirstie Alley)
Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan

Yeah, we know, but there is little doubt she was a fine-looking woman in her early years.

20. Tonia Barrows (Emily Banks)
Original series

Received the benefit of Doctor McCoy’s bedside manner.

19. Nyota Uhura (Nichelle Nichols)
Original series

No Star Trek list would be complete without her. A true legend.

18. Kelinda (Barbara Bouchet)
Original Series

Played Kelinda in the original series, but is possibly more famous for playing Miss Moneypenny in the 60s spoof version of Casino Royale.

17. Kara (Marj Dusay)
Original series

Watch out for this temptress, a glorified zombie itching to steal your brain!

16. Ensign Ro Laren (Michelle Forbes)
Next Generation

A rebel, unliked by many, and ultimately a traitor. Shame on you Ensign Ro, but how can we say no?

15. B’elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson)

Klingon ridges and her temper work against B’elanna, although we bet she’s feisty in the bedroom.

14. Beverly Crusher (Gates Macfadden)
Next Generation

A redhead and MILF to boot. What more could you ask for?

13. Ishara Yar (Beth Toussaint)
Next Generation

Tasha’s sister has the body of a champion whippet

12. Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney)
Original Series

As Kirk says, she was “too beautiful to ignore” and “too much woman”. We certainly agree Kirk.

11. Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis)
Next Generation

England’s very own Marina Sirtisis loved by fans for her voluptuous figure, skin tight bunny suit and the fact she’d sleep with anyone or anything.

10. Anij (Donna Murphy)
Star Trek: Insurrection

A looker for her age (over 300 years old). If Picard didn’t have his eyes already set on Anij, you know you’d want a piece of that action.

9. Ezri Dax (Nicole de Boer)
Deep Space Nine

Essentially, Jadzia Dax version 2, which can’t be all bad.

8. Android Andrea (Sherry Jackson)
Original series

Kissing Kirk was not part of her programming. What can we say, programmes are there to be hacked. Better still that costume doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

7. Ensign Robin Lefler (Ashley Judd)
Next Generation

Ensign Lefler lives by her own rules, Sadly, one of them being #22: Never date a co-worker. Too bad Wesley (Crusher)

6. Kes (Jennifer Lien)

Youthful and Innocent, just about the cutest elf you’ll find this side of the Delta Quadrant

5. Hoshi Sato (Linda Park)

Sultry and smart, knowing over 40 languages is a good workout for the mouth if you catch our drift.

4. Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell)
Deep Space Nine

A very hot woman who attracted the attentions of Bashir and ultimately Worf. Slight turn-off: her multiple personalities, call it what you will.

3. Kamala (Famke Janssen)
Star Trek: Next Generation

Simply stunning and a real favourite at Hecklerspray Towers.

2. T’Pol (Jolene Blalock)

A Trellium-D addict, which is great for lowering her inhibitions.

1. Seven of 9 (Jeri Ryan)

Seven of 9? More like 10 out of 10.

Honorable mentions:

Lieutenant Valeris (Kim Cattrall)
Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor)

[story by Michael Chenucha]

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