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Imogen Heap (born December 9, 1977) is a Grammy nominated English singer-songwriter from Romford, London, most famous for her work as part of Frou Frou and for her 2005 solo record Speak for Yourself, which she wrote, produced and mixed herself. In 2006, she was nominated for two Grammy Awards.

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Frou Frou – Details (2002)
Style: Ambient/Alternative/Electronica/Indie/Pop/Rock/Downtempo

Frou Frou were an English electronic music duo composed of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth.


1. Let Go
2. Breathe In
3. It’s Good To Be In Love
4. Must Be Dreaming
5. Psychobabble
6. Only Got One
7. Shh
8. Hear Me Out
9. Maddening Shroud
10. Flicks
11. The Dumbing Down Of Love

Artist: Imogen Heap
Title: I Megaphone
Year: 1998
Quality: 192 Kbps


1. Getting Scared
2. Sweet Religion
3. Oh Me, Oh My
4. Shine
5. Whatever
6. Angry Angel
7. Candlelight
8. Rake It In
9. Come Here Boy
10. Useless
11. Sleep

Here be Heap

Imogen Heap – Speak for Yourself (2005)


1. Headlock
2. Goodnight and Go
3. Have You Got It In You?
4. Loose Ends
5. Hide and Seek
6. Clear The Area
7. Daylight Robbery
8. The Walk
9. Just For Now
10. I Am In Love With You
11. Closing In
12. The Moment I Said It

Here be Heap

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