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Gina Gershon and Tom Dicillo "Sex Tape" ?

Rather salacious headline regarding sexy curvy pert-lipped Gina Gershon.

In one sense true!

Read on to find out more!

Gina Gershon Dress

Having just finished shooting Delirious, the latest film from wonderful cult Indie Writer/Director Tom DiCillo (formerly Jim Jaramusch’s Cinematographer and later auteur of Living in Oblivion, Johnny Suede) , the lovely Gina had been asked to come to his hotel room to shoot an interview to promote the art house attraction!

Unsuspecting of what’s planned and oblivious to the fact cameras were rolling, Gina shows up at the door.

In this unique piece of advertising material, we get to witness candid footage of the filmmakers trying to coerce the star into shooting a porn tape with plans to leak it around release for free publicity!

Gina Gershon Bikini

Raw, uncensored and uncomfortably humorous, whether this is staged or not its a revealing and authentic feeling insight into the machinations of desperation in low budget filmmaking.

Warning: Some colourful expletives can be heard!

Does she or doesn’t she, you have to watch to find out!

Now for some perspective, here is an interview from the Sundance Channel with the Director and Gershon talking Delirious.

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