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Beachfield (Glenn Thompson – ex Go-Betweens) – Brighton Bothways

Beachfield – Brighton Bothways (2007)

Beachfield is the musical project of Glenn Thompson, once drummer of the Go-Betweens, and an ongoing member of Robert Forster’s band.

During the ’90s Glenn was also the drummer and sometimes singer of another Australian pop group Custard.

Beachfield’s debut album Brighton Bothways was released in late 2007 throughout Europe on the Tuition label, and will be available in Australia early 2008.

This uniquely Australian worldview of Go-Betweens drummer Glenn Thompson is welded here to sun-kissed melodies and exemplary songwriting. These cinematic songs of love, loss and exhilaration feel like precious, forgotten memories and ‘Brighton Bothways’ is a riveting musical history lesson mixed with everyday uncertainty.

I like my music. And I found Beachfield via the obvious route which is The Go-Betweens, probably Australia’s best export. Glenn Thompson (who is in essence, Beachfield) was their recent drummer so I thought I’d give this a go.

Well, I have to say, this album is simply brilliant and probably a match for any Go-Betweens album, and that says something. Glenn has managed to come up with an album that is instantly likeable (only likeable to begin with, not loveable) but that matures with a few more listens until you know it’s a long-term classic and you’re hooked. It’s breezy, it’s summery, it’s makes me think of barmy Australian evenings and it’s clever. Clever lyrically and musically. And who said drummers can’t sing?

If you’re reading this then you’re already contemplating a purchase. Don’t buy it. Let me be the one to play this to people at parties and convert them and keep this secret all to myself 🙂

10/10 Glenn. Thank you.

– Amazon reviewer


  1. Coles To Newcastle
  2. Wintertime Again
  3. Come Down
  4. Mandy
  5. Oneway Ticket
  6. Theme Person
  7. Suburban Life
  8. Demons
  9. Freight Trains
  10. Birds Eye View
  11. Danish Kronor
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