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Diora Baird Bikini Golf Photoshoot

Diora Baird Bikini Golf Photoshoot

We’ve copyrighted a new game.

Yap, it’s Bikini Golf.

A simple yet supremely effective improvement!

We’d always thought golf was a dull, boring, pointless game played by uncharismatic ponces, and butch lesbians, wearing awful Pringle jumpers, strange hats and shiny trousers!

Seeing the biggest boobed gal in Hollywood (not counting silly coned freaks!) Diora do her thing on the course, we’re almost changing that opinion!

Well almost!

Here the 32DD delectable, curvy, boobiful, beauty Baird brightens up the golf course in an array of wonderful revolutionary golf attire!

These are some outtakes from a famous Diora Baird Maxim photoshoot from two years ago (well, not as famous as her Playboy shoot or her early naughty amateur shots!) but we only just came across them now (not literally, mind you!)

Man, if only Golf always looked this good! Or 1% this good!

This is golf where finding yourself in the rough would not be a bad thing!

Yap, if 32DD were automatically associated with golf, rather than the number 18, then the viewing ratings would surely go through the roof!

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