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Madonna to drop dumb Brit accent (and dumb Brit hubby!)

Great news! We will never again have to endure that dumb Madonna rabbiting on, in a dumb Brit accent!

Not that we ever voluntarily listen to that hag!

I guess Richie woke one morning and realised he’s married to a talentless 80 year old banshee slapper!

Richie’s an insanely over-rated film-maker though. I mean that pile of shite Swept Away made Shanghai Surprise look almost bearable!

But maybe he’s not as dumb as we thought!

Although, saying that, like the Madonna hag, he is a devotee of that krazy Kabbalah kult! And he is a Chelsea fan to boot! Therefore, I guess he is as dumb as we thought!!

Madonna and Guy Richie Getting a Divorce


Madonna and Guy Richie Getting a DivorceShowbizspy reports that Madonna and Guy Richie are splitting up after being married since December 22, 2000.

A source said: “Madonna and Guy are over. It’s all very amicable. They’ve just fallen out of love with each other. They just think it’s for the best as after some great years together they’ve been going their separate ways.”

It’s also been reported that Madonna has ordered her staff to prepare everything for the move to New York where she’s now planning to settle down with her three kids.

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