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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (with Harem Scarem and Alex Nielsen) – Is It The Sea? (October 2008)

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (with Harem Scarem and Alex Nielsen) – Is It The Sea? (October 2008)

Is this Will Oldham’s riposte to Mike Scott’s mid-80’s LP “This is the Sea”? Nah!!

No so-called “Big Music” here! Just real music!

Willy’s on a creative roll lately! It’s wonderful! Yes, its looking like 2008 might be the year that Oldham can finally wrest the title of “number one artist that will always be referred to as prolific” from Ryan Adams!

Following the out of the blue, and excellent Lie Down in the Light, this live album will be released October 20, on Domino Records.

The decidedly nautically themed LP culls songs from Spring 2006 shows in Scotland, Ireland and Newcastle and features a tracklisting that pulls songs from across his long and varied discography.

“New Partner” gets its third outing since its debut in Viva Last Blues ! Billy just loves that ditty!


01 Minor Place
02 Love Comes to Me
03 Bed Is for Sleeping
04 Arise Therefore
05 Wolf Among Wolves
06 Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise?
07 Cursed Sleep
08 Molly Bawn
09 Birch Ballad
10 New Partner
11 Is It the Sea?
12 My Home Is the Sea
13 Master and Everyone

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