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Heather Nova – The Jasmine Flower (10/2008)

Heather Nova – The Jasmine Flower (10/2008)

That’s all you need to make a great sounding album … sun and songs.

Man, we were so happy to find this!

We used to like Heather Nova way way back in the day! I remember getting a boot copy of Glow Stars from Mentill-Mikill (who worked in a record shop and was always copying stuff for us!) back in 93 and really liking it!

Heather Nova, aka Heather Allison Frith, was born on July 6, 1967 in Bermuda. She never got lost in the triangle though (as far as we know!).

Heather had a very unusual, nomadic, hippy early life travelling around and living on a boat built by her father!

Heather has released seven fine full-length albums in the past 15 years of her music life as well as a slew of singles. She has received most success in Britland. She is also a Brit citizen now.

Man, Ms Frith still looks hot, all these years later!

From the lady herself! ….

Hello Friends

I have some good news – on October 10th I will be releasing an album of all new material, called “The Jasmine Flower”.

I played around a lot over the last 2 years with different sounds and ideas, but in the end I decided I wanted to make my most stark record to date, so I recorded the songs just me and my guitar. Afterwards we added a string quartet to a few tracks.

I have a home studio here in Bermuda, but when I was ready to put down the tracks, the whole thing started breaking down – first the mixing desk then the computer itself died. I was very “in the zone” to record and didn’t want to wait what could be weeks for all new gear to arrive, so I decided it was a lesson in simplicity- I realized I could still record and mix the album on my solar powered laptop. So there you have it – that’s all you need to make a great sounding album. Sun and songs.

I think the songs must be good, because most of them make me feel pretty uncomfortable, which is a sign that I have plumbed the depths and dug for truth, no matter how unsettling

More here:


1. Ride
2. Beautiful Storm
3. Maybe tomorrow
4. Out on a limb
5. Every soldier is a mother’s son
6. Out in New Mexico
7. looking for the light
8. Hollow
9. If I should die
10. Say something
11. Follow me in grace
12. Always Christmas

Here be H

Thanks to victory

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