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Josh Ritter & Hilary Hahn – Live At The Met

Josh Ritter & Hilary Hahn – Live At The Met

Well, here quite simply, is Josh Ritter with musician Hilary Hahn playing Live At The Met!

Can you guess I know fuck all about this one?!

We’ve never heard of HH! She looks ok though!

But we do like some of Ritter’s stuff !


Josh Ritter – Idaho
Josh Ritter – Best For The Best
Josh Ritter – Folk Bloodbath
Josh Ritter – Kathleen
Josh Ritter & Hilary Hahn – Girl In The War
Josh Ritter & Hilary Hahn – Thin Blue Line
Josh Ritter – Last Rose Of Summer
Hilary Hahn – Heinrich Wilhelm: Ernst Variations On The Last Rose Of Summer
Hilary Hahn – Erlkönig
Josh Ritter – The Oak King
Hilary Hahn – Carl Nielsen: Prelude, Theme & Variations
Hilary Hahn – Bach: Sonata No 2 For Solo Violin
Hilary Hahn – Eugene Ysaye: Sonata No 5 For Solo Violin
Josh Ritter & Hilary Hahn – Bone Of Song
Josh Ritter & Hilary Hahn – Nicolo Paganini / Cantabile


Part 1 // Part 2

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