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Paul McCartney on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ — the dirty details!

Paul McCartney on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ — the dirty details!

by Steve Marinucci,
Beatles Examiner
January 14, 2009

On Wednesday’s “The Howard Stern Show,” Paul McCartney gave Howard Stern a signed Hofner bass as a present for Stern’s 55th birthday, which was Monday. Here’s a very rough account of the show (since I didn’t hear it) on what happened on the show compiled from notes by HwyCDRev. My transitions here aren’t really smooth and some of the information is sketchy, but you get a basic idea of what went on.

We’ll revise this as we get more information. (And if you heard it, feel free to add your comments.)

Here we go:

Paul McCartney gave Stern a signed Hofner bass guitar for a birthday gift. Stern said, “Is it yours?” McCartney replied, “No, it’s yours.”

Stern reminded Paul that he told him to get a pre-nuptial agreement. Paul says he doesn’t remember. Denies everything and winks. Stern said it was good McCartney took the high road.

Paul mentioned the East Hamptons concerts and says he didn’t date the women he was photographed with. He just said hello and gave them a kiss as the pictures were taken. The names Christie Brinkley, Renée Zelleweger and Rosanne Arquette were mentioned.

Stern said, “Are you happy with this ‘broad’? Paul asked, “Who?” Stern said, “The rich one.” Artie Lang followed with, “Everyone knew her as Nancy.”

Stern asked Paul about the rumor of John Lennon having sex with Brian Epstein that’s discussed in Philip Norman’s biography, “John Lennon: The Life.” Paul says it’s an old rumor. “One hint and they write a book.”

About the Fireman album, Stern said he liked it, saying, “And when you do a good job, I’ll tell you.”

Robin Quivers said, “i’m throwing my hat into the ring. I’m a vegan, too. Take me to the inauguration. Kids love me.” Stern tells Robin, “Show Paul your breasts.” Paul said no. Robin said, “I’ve been rejected by Paul McCartney.” (Paul is apparently in the U.S. to attend the inauguration.)

Stern asked if it was OK to ask about the Beatles. Paul McCartney: “I like the Beatles. They were a good band.” Paul then tells the story that the “Abbey Road” album was originally called ‘Everest.’ He says, “It was a cheap approach.” He explained that walking outside (for the “Abbey Road” cover) was cheaper than going to Mount Everest and shooting an album cover.

The subject came around to the Ringo “no autographs by mail” video. Paul said, “Ringo would always say ‘p— off'” in the old days because he had kids.” Stern replied he’s not that busy. (p.s. Howard, he’s working on an album.) On Ringo’s “no autographs” video, Paul said, “Ringo can do what he wants” and called Ringo “brave” for doing that video.

Paul replied, “I just signed something outside.” Stern said, “Pete Best will sign anything.”

About the unreleased song “Carnival of Light,” Paul confirmed it was George Harrison, not Yoko Ono, who didn’t like it and that he (Paul) wanted it to go on the “Anthology.”

Stern: “Did you ever write Pete Best a check?” Paul said, “He got pride!” Paul said Pete was kicked out not because he was good looking, but because Ringo sat in and sounded amazing. Stern said, “Don’t miss a day of work!”

Paul said after George Harrison died, “You just remember the good stuff. “Like losing anyone, I don’t think of him every day, but you tell a Beatles story and it’s tinged with sadness.”

And about Dhani Harrison, George’s son, McCartney said, “He’s really good.” Paul also said he and his son James were doing an album together.

Paul McCartney: “I’m an optimist. I’ve seen Vietnam, Nixon, 9/11. I’m excited about Obama. I’m reading his book.”

It’s noted that Christie Brinkley got dolled up for Paul McCartney. Paul: “Who can blame her?” Stern said he heard Brinkley was after Paul.

Paul said he loves having a young child. He makes breakfast, drives her to school and talks to mothers of other students. “Very hands on. It’s a thrill.”

Paul plays the promo single (probably “Sing the Changes”). Paul says, “I like it already.” Stern: “You’re excited?” Paul: “Why not?” and starts to dance a bit.

On the Fireman album, Paul made up the lyrics as he went along, like “improv.” Stern says “Highway” is one of his favorite tracks and says he should have had sex with Renee to that song.

Stern asked if Paul played Guitar Hero. Paul said he didn’t, but then added the Beatles were going to have a Guitar Hero game. “I may learn how to be a Beatle,” Paul said. Stern also mentions his daughter took a Beatles college course.

The subject turned to drugs. Stern says to Paul, “Cocaine .. everyone knows you were addicted.” Paul replied he was not addicted, it was a peer group thing. He says he never took heroin and says he got fed up with cocaine and got out before it was hip. He says he no longer does pot, either.

Paul says he’s still a vegetarian, but he doesn’t like cruelty to animals. Paul said that some eggs are abandoned by the hens, so it’s OK. Stern asked, “Isn’t an egg a chicken abortion?” Paul replied it wasn’t. “We don’t like to think of it like that.”

Stern asked why called the album the Fireman? Paul said it’s like Sgt. Pepper. Then, referring to the Ruttles, he said, “You are Dirk, you are Barry. “I make trails in the woods with a chainsaw for wood (to get wood for a fire).” And says his dad was a fireman.

Stern played another of his favorite songs from the album “Light From Your Lighthouse.” (The other is “Highway.”) He says this is like the Frost/Nixon interview. “We need 18 hours.”

The interview lasted approximately 40 minutes. Paul was having a great time. He was dancing to his CD when it was played.

After the commercial, Stern said there was lots of pressure over the visit. Paul came in with his entourage and there was a lot of things to do. But Stern said it was fun. Paul was relaxed and had his feet up on the couch.

At the end, Fred Norris added, “Before anyone has a heart attack,” the guitar came from Guitar Center.

Photo by Steve Gullick, courtesy MPL Communications Ltd.

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