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Not A Huge Hugh Jackman Fan

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Huge Hugh Jackman critics

HUGH Jackman’s Oscar-hosting efforts have won praise and scorn in equal measure, with one critic comparing him with a “cheesy cruiseship entertainer”.

Cruiseship entertainment. Mission unaccomplished. Just plain weird. That’s the verdict from US critics on Hugh Jackman’s performance as host of yesterday’s Oscars.

Despite a healthy improvement in ratings for the telecast in the US – they were up 6 per cent on last year – the media has savaged “Our Hugh”.

The New York Post said Jackman “performed like a cheesy cruise-ship entertainer to the endless hours of awards to dull men we’ve never heard of for categories we don’t care about”.

What’s your verdict on Oscar host Hugh? Tell us below, and vote in our poll if you think he should be invited back to host next year’s ceremony.

The Los Angeles Times didn’t like fhis “chorus boy spaz-out” and said it was “weird” when he sat on the lap of Frost/Nixon star Frank Langella.

New York’s Daily News said while Jackman did his best “his mission just wasn’t accomplishable”. They also didn’t like Jackman’s “human excrement” joke in the opening song, which was “gross”, “not entertaining”.

The Washington Post said Jackman was a “versatile and energetic talent” but called his opening medley of songs “pointless and flat.”

Herald Sun film critic Leigh Paatsch wasn’t a big fan, saying “Jackman’s genial, folksy style sometimes only added to the overwhelming blandness of the evening”.

“I’m not sure we’ll see Jackman again in the driver’s seat at the Oscars.”

But it wasn’t all bad. The New York Times said Jackman was a “shrewd, even thrifty choice for a recession-era Oscar night – the hosting equivalent of a value meal.”

The Toronto Star said Jackman turned the Oscars into the Broadway awards show the Tonys – which he has hosted in the past – and said it was “vastly more entertaining than it has been in years”.

Viewers seemed to like him. New York paper Newsday asked its readers to rate the Australian host’s performance and 65.5 per cent deemed it “excellent”, 21.5 per cent “good”, 8.1 per cent “satisfactory” and just 5 per cent gave him a “fail”.

Entertainment Weekly asked its readers if Jackman should return as host, with just over 70 per cent saying he should and only 29 per cent saying he should not.

Jackman was brought in to give the 81st Academy Awards a new look after years of declining TV audiences.

The traditional, joke-filled opening monologue was cut and Jackman performed two song-and-dance routines – one with actress Anne Hathaway and a second alongside singer Beyonce, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

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Dolled-Out Madcap Oscar Totty

Some of these chicks are sight impaired!

Some dressed in a dark closet.

Some of the sight impaired chicks dressed in a dark closet!

None of em as bad as Bjork wearing a half-dead swan, though!

Some of em are mighty fine actually!

All in all, far less boring than the never-ending Oscar ceremony and part time cheesy cruiseship “entertainer”, Hugh Jackman! Somebody please shoot that mad entertainment chimp!

And for f*ck sake, please have some respect for the deceased being remembered. Show their images slowly in full screen, instead of panning and zooming onto the awful Queen Latifah trying to warble some ditty!

Also why do certain deceased merit far more attention than others, and who decides who these should be?

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