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Mushi Mushi Ichikawa Yui

Name: Ichikawa Yui (市川由衣)
Nickname: Yuinyan
Birthday: February 10th, 1986
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 158cm
Bust: 83cm (different sources will range from 82-86cm)
Waist: 55cm (different sources will range from 50-55cm)
Hips: 80cm (different sources will range from 80-85cm)
Talent: Swimming

When Yui was a first-year student in a Harajuku Junior High, she was scouted to join a NAMCO-sponsored audition in 1999. She won and subsequently began gravure modeling for various magazines in 2000.

Her first photobook was released in 2001 at the age of 15. That same year, Yui began her career as a talent, participating in Shibuyakei Joshi Pro-Wrestling, an idol wrestling program. In the months to follow, she was in the sentai-spoof series Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker D-02 with five other up and coming gravure idols, including Ogura Yuko and Sakuragi Chikako. She continued to have minor parts in dramas, but when the hit drama Hotman aired in 2003, Yui was bumped up to supporting actress as a sister of the main character.

In 2003 again, Yui was in Ringu parody film The Jurei. 2003 also marked Yui’s headway into the music business, and in November she released her first single Ame, a cover of the Moritaka Chisato song. By now the young gravure idol had released seven photobooks, participated in six television shows, and two actual movies (Ju-on 1 and 2), and she was still only 17. She had also done voice work for the console game Chaos Legion.

Yui continued to release CDs until December of 2004. Her final single, Ai wa Katsu, was a cover of the KAN song of the same name. Yamauchi Nana, the little girl who had played her niece in Hotman, was able to sing in the chorus for this song.

After her debut as a musical artist, Yui’s photobook releases were very few and fans feared it was the end of her days as a gravure idol. However, Yui was still releasing annual calendars featuring herself in bikinis, and a month after her first single she released her eighth photobook Shiritsu Ichikawa Yui Gakuen, complete with pictures.

Even then, Yui focused more on her career as an artist. After that was over, she was devoted completely to acting and was able to land spots in two movies in 2005 and a supporting role in the TV series, H2~Kimi to Itahibi alongside Yamada Takayuki and Ishihara Satomi.

In February 2006, nearly two and a half years after her last photobook, Yui released Hatachi ~ The Golden Best. It contained 192 pages of photographs with Yui in bikinis and also had a bonus DVD. In April 2006 the TV series Kurosagi aired with Yui starring as Mishima Yukari.

Yui will be in the movies Siren and Rough in the year 2006. It was also announced on August 4th, 2006, that she will be replacing Miyazaki Aoi in the sequel to the movie adaptation of NANA. The movie will premiere December 9th, 2006.

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