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Jackie DeShannon – When You Walk In The Room (1964)

Shannon, yer a corker!

– Tom Cruise (in some piece of shit movie we endured once but swiftly forgot! Til now!)

Here a young Sharon Lee Myers knocks out one of her many great tracks, the oft-covered classic When You Walk In The Room from back in 1964. From the vid, it seems folks could really dance back in 64! Very fucking groovy man!

Executives at Liberty Records thought the name Sharon Myers would not sell records, so she adopted the name Jackie DeShannon, believed to be the name of an Irish ancestor! Erm, sorry to tell you this Sharon, but nobody in paddyland has the name DeShannon!

Sharon’s 64 now. Not sure whether she’s still on the scene or not!

I can feel a new expression on my face.
I can feel a glowing sensation taking place.
I can hear the guitars playing a lovely tune,
Ev-er-ry-time that you – walk in the room.

I close my eyes for a second and pretend it’s me you want.
Meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant.
I feel a summer’s night with a magic moon.
Everytime that you – walk in the room.

Maybe it’s a dream come true,
Standing right alongside of you.
Wish I could tell you how much I care,
But I only – have the nerve to stare.

I can feel a-something pounding in my brain,
Just anytime that someone speaks your name.
Trumpets sound, I hear thunder boom.
Everytime that you – walk in the room.
Everytime that you – walk in the room.
Everytime that you – walk in the room.
Everytime that you…

Written by: Jackie DeShannon-1963
Performed by: Jackie DeShannon -1963
Appears on: Jackie DeShannon-1963, Good As Gold!-1990, The Best of Jackie
DeShannon-1991, The Very Best of Jackie DeShannon-1996, Best of…1958-1981:
Come & Get Me-2000, Classic Masters-2002 [ 2 ] , Singers & Songwriters: The Folk
Years (Various Artists)-2003, Breakin’ It up on the Beatles Tour-2005, Her
Own Kind of Light-2008, et al. ]

Covered by: Pete Best, Karla Bonoff, Paul Carrack, Jim Croce, Steve
Forbert, The Hellcats, Chris Hillman, Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers, James
Kilbane, Johnny Logan, Daniel O’Donnell, Cliff Richard, The Searchers, Del
Shannon, Smokie, Status Quo, Pam Tillis, The Ventures, Peter Williams, Daniel
Young, et al.

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