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Jakob Dylan in Concert -in Philadelphia – May 31 2008

Jakob Dylan


WXPN, June 18, 2008 –
Jakob Dylan, formerly of The Wallflowers, played a quiet, intimate set at the NON-COMMvention in Philadelphia on May 31. Showcasing more than half of the songs from his first solo album, Seeing Things, Dylan departed from his old band’s formulas with a spare sound and ominous lyrics. When Dylan played “Three Marlenas” — from The Wallflowers’ second album, Bringing Down the Horse — he joked that the audience was finally figuring out who he was.

Dylan, Kathleen Edwards, and Alejandro Escovedo all took the NON-COMM stage as part of a single lineup. Dr. John, Ani DiFranco, The Hold Steady, and Newton Faulkner performed at the convention the night before. NON-COMM is an annual convention of non-commercial radio programmers and music directors, as well as other music-industry professionals.


“Something Good This Way Comes”

“All Day and All Night”

“How Good It Can Get”

“Here Comes Now”

“Evil Is Alive and Well”

“This End of the Telescope”

“Will It Grow”

“Up on the Mountain”

“Three Marlenas”

Catch the Complete Show Here

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Jakob Dylan- Seeing Things (2008)

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Jakob Dylan- Seeing Things (2008)
There was a rather dodgy movie made about Bob Dylan last year called “I’m not there” (after a famous Basements Tapes track).

If ever there was anyone for whom the epitaph “I’m not there” would be perfectly suited, it’s Jakob Dylan!

So much in the shadow of the peerless Bob Dylan that whatever he does, no matter how great it is, he can never break free of lazy comparisons to Bob’s great works, which arguably will never be bettered.

Beethoven’s son, Jake Van Beethoven, had the same problem. He wrote some great symphonies. However, critics always dismissed these works as “not in the same league as Ludwig’s glorious Ninth!”. The problem of course being that no-one ever again would create something in the same league as Ludwig’s glorious Ninth!”

Anyways ….. back to this new album!

Columbia Records and Starbucks Entertainment have co-released the solo debut from Wallflowers frontman Jakob Dylan.

The largely acoustic “Seeing Things” was produced by Rick Rubin and recorded at his Los Angeles home last year.

Jakob will tour in support of the album this Summer with performances at the Bonnaroo and Rothbury festivals already confirmed.

Jakob first began testing the solo waters in the fall of 2006, when he recorded material for the short-lived ABC drama “Six Degrees.” Now he’s taken the full plunge.


1. Evil Is Alive And Well
2. Valley OF The Low Sun
3. All Day And All Night
4. Everybody Pays As They Go
5. Will It Grow
6. I Told You I Couldn’t Stop
7. Was Is Kind
8. Something Good This Way Comes
9. On Up The Mountain
10.This End Of The Telescope

Here be Jake Van Beethoven

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