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Hallelujah hits number one and two slots in Christmas charts

A rather surreal development in the history of the masterpiece Hallelujah, a song we’ve written about on numerous occasions before.

That Burke chick looks ok (we’d hit that for sure!) but her cover version – at once bland and overblown – is atrociously bad! Like a mixture of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston and a zombie choir. Ewwwwww!!

We’re really happy though that the Cohen coffers are being filled, and however indirectly, the great man is in the public spotlight again!

Some versions of this classic (many of em rather bad!)

Kermit the frog | Mark Viduka tribute | Chris Moyles’ lamb bhuna | My Halloumia | Jeff Buckley | Bob Dylan | k.d. lang | Sheryl Crowe | Rufus Wainwright | U2 | Bon Jovi | John Cale | Imogen Heap | JLS | Alexandra Burke

Hallelujah hits number one and two slots in Christmas charts

The X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, and the late Jeff Buckley scooped the Christmas No 1 and 2 slots yesterday with their covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, the first time in more than 40 years that one title has secured the top two places in the charts. Cohen himself came in at No 36.

Burke, who said she was “gutted” when first told that she would have to sing Hallelujah, notched up 576,000 sales, making her version the fastest-selling single by a female solo artist, beating the record set by Leona Lewis after she won The X Factor two years ago. Burke also smashed the online record, with 289,000 downloads, almost twice as many as Lewis in 2006.

Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company, which compiles the figures, said: “It is a particularly amazing week for Alexandra Burke, who has broken a string of records to announce her arrival in spectacular style.” In addition, Mr Talbot said, chart placings at 1, 2 and 36 “are remarkable for a 25-year-old song which has never previously reached the Top 40”.
Times Archive, 1985: Leonard Cohen live at Hammersmith

The mournful Hallelujah may seem an unlikely choice for a Christmas single and Burke admitted yesterday: “It just didn’t do anything for me.”

What she called her “Whitney Houston spin”, with gospel choir, angered fans of the Cohen and Buckley versions. A campaign to promote Buckley’s 1994 version – released three years before he died aged 30 – saw it finish 496,000 sales behind Burke.

The last time one song held the top two spots is believed to be February 1965, when You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling was No 1 for the Righteous Brothers and No 2 for Cilla Black.

Take That have topped the album charts with The Circus, which sold 382,000 copies last week to take it to a million sales in 18 days, the second fastest album sales in history, after Be Here Now by Oasis in 1997.

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A Collection Of 46 Hallelujahs !

A Collection Of 46 Hallelujahs !

This is a song about the broken.

– L.Cohen

On the subject of the sublime and the slew of versions proliferating lately, here’s a collection of some of the versions proliferating lately, which we see on this blog!

Capt. Kurtz said “I’ve seen horrors… horrors that you’ve seen…..” when he heard some of these!

Some of em are OK though! They’d be mostly the Cohen, Cale and Dylan versions!



01 – Alexandra Burke

02 – Leonard Cohen

03 – John Cale

04 – Jeff Buckley

05 – Bob Dylan

06 – Leonard Cohen (Live)

07 – Katherine Jenkins

08 – Leonard Cohen (Live)

09 – John Cale (Live)

10 – Kathryn Williams

11 – Rufus Wainwright

12 – Allison Crowe

13 – Sheryl Crow

14 – Damien Rice

15 – K.D. Lang

16 – Regina Spektor

17 – Aroof Aftab

18 – David Bazan

19 – Eric Beverly

20 – Erik Flaa

21 – Gordon Downie

22 – I Am Lost At Sea

23 – Imogen Heap

24 – John Jerome

25 – Late Tuesday

26 – Susanna And The Magical Orchestra

27 – The Junebugs

28 – Tony Lucca

29 – Gavin Degraw

30 – Chris Botti

31 – Kate Noson

32 – Lucky Jim

33 – Euan Morton & Denise Summerford

34 – Keren Ann

35 – Jack Lukeman

36 – Clare Bowditch

37 – Ari Hest

38 – Beirut

39 – Elisa

40 – K’s Choice

41 – Dresden Dolls

42 – Street To Nowhere

43 – Naomi Hates Humans

44 – Noam Pelled

45 – Macbrolan

46 – Damien Rice


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