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Let It Ride (1989) and the joys of Jennifer Tilly !

He drinks. He smokes. He gambles. He curses. He thinks about committing adultery. You’ll love him.

Marty: Eight’s the one, I’d stake my life on it.

Jay Trotter: They’ve got a $2 minimum bet.

I just this morning, half hungover, stumbled across a wonderful, witty obscure and hilarious 1989 movie Let It Ride directed by Joe Pytka, starring Richard Dreyfuss as a degenerate gambler and drinker, Jay Trotter, who manages to have one lucky lucky day!
I think the character was based on me! Maybe this is my lucky lucky day! I must have a flutter on a few nags this afternoon!

The last nag I backed turned out to have three legs. And a blind jockey.

That was a week ago. I think he’s just entering the home straight now!

Jay Trotter: May I… buy you a drink?

Mrs. Davis: I don’t see why not. I’m on the pill.

Also in this great movie are David Johansen (from the great New York Dolls!) and a totally red-hot stunning Jennifer Tilly (nee Jenny Chan)!

Greenberg (Sugar Daddy): She has very long legs.

Vicki (Jennifer Tilly): Thanks. They go from my ass all the way to the floor.

Jenny appears here as the moll of a rich sugardaddy!

She spends the movie trying to spill her magnificently glorious curves out of a hyper-sexy and hyper-tiny little red dress! Fucking hell! It’s all too much for me!

This movie, like Jenny’s curves, is amazing! Wonderfully scripted, directed and acted. Remarkably intelligent and witty.

Kinda reminds me of a Marx Brothers movie in certain senses! No higher praise!

You can get it here;

Let it Ride (1989) – Rapidshare



Password if needed:

Man, I’d forgotten how stunning Jenny was back in the day! course, she was hottest of all in the great Bound with Gina Gershon! Ooohhhh ….. scorchio !!!

She was rather scorchio too in 2000’s Dancing at the Blue Iguana in which Jenny played a stripper and part-time dominatrix! Nice!

Although Jenny usually plays “bimbo” characters, she is actually one smart cookie!

In June, 2005, Tilly won a World Series of Poker bracelet (and $158,625) in the Ladies’ No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event, outlasting 600 other players. She followed up this accomplishment on September 1, 2005 by also winning the third World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament held at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

And, though into MILF territory now, Jenny still looks pretty good, even today!

Here she’s almost wearing what’s purported to be a “dress”!
To quote Jenny from “Let It Ride”, here her long legs go from her ass all the way to the floor!

Jenny should rush back to whatever boutique she bought this in, and demand they give her the rest of the “dress”!

Here Jenny picks up something!

I like it when Jenny’s picking up something!

Baby shoo got back!

And front!!


Let it ride!

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