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Jessica Simpson – It’s not a fat suit!

Two piece “homage” to uber bimbo Jessica Simpson, replete with great original art, from the excellent galleryoftheabsurd.typepad!

A recent issue of Star Magazine humiliated Jessica Simpson with a contemporary version of a public hanging. They ran a cover photo of her along with the accompanying headline, It’s Not A Fat Suit! Inside the mag, they included a full-page version of the photo with the screaming headline, Hips Don’t Lie!

The photo was taken at an unflattering angle, and while Jessica didn’t really look fat (at least to me) she did look ridiculous. She’s up on stage, her mouth is gaping wide open, voluptous double-D cups bust out of her jacket and she’s holding a very phallic-looking microphone in her hand. I didn’t notice any fat, but it did cross my mind that she looks a lot like a blow-up doll. The photo had a very pornographic look to it and I felt compelled to capture it. Now that I’ve painted and posted the image, I realize I too am participating in her public hanging. Oh, the humanity.

Medium: acrylic on board, digital text.

I was amazed at the amount of email I received regarding the painting of Jessica Simpson shown below. Many people accused me of being “too nice” to her and advised me to push it further.

Because the work on Gallery of the Absurd is inspired by social commentary, I agreed to repaint her in a more appropriate manner.

Medium: ink, gouache on paper, digital color and text. NSFW uncensored version of the doll is here.

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