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Grinderman – Grinderman (2007)

Grinderman – Grinderman (2007)
Rock : Alternative
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A real return to form from Nick Cave and a few pals after a few disappointing outings with in the period after Cave’s meisterwerk The Boatman’s Call.

The step away from the Seeds seems to have freed up Nicky and allowed all involved to go back to the future! This really is a rgreat eturn to the angst, power and rawness of the earliest Bad Seeds albums, and indeed harks back to his previous outfit, post-punk heroes the !

This Grinderman project would in turn freshen the Bad Seeds and the great 2008 LP Dig Lazarus Dig (also here) would carry on in the same vein as the template carved out here.

This is a wonderful and humorous rock-fuelled trip to the back of the mirror!

Lock up the kids, motherfuckers!

Beginning sometime in the mid-to-late 1990s, Nick Cave’s output became increasingly nuanced, introspective, and even tender. While he was still capable of a snarling rocker now and again, he’d certainly mellowed by the turn of the new millennium.

Then came 2007 and the arrival of the mighty Grinderman, a raucous, noisy, angry, horny outfit fronted by and featuring a few erstwhile members of Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, and Jim Sclavunos.

The project marks the first time Cave has been featured on guitar, and the first time since as far back as the . that he’s approached his music with such libidinal urgency and swaggering gothic machismo.

The music screeches, lurches, and clangs with a loose abandon that reimagines Cave’s earlier incarnations in a more self-effacing guise.

While Cave’s lyrics are as considered and darkly literary as ever, there’s great humour here (“No Pussy Blues,” “Depth Charge”), and the general improvisatory, spontaneous nature of the project is obviously being enjoyed by all.

GRINDERMAN is delicious proof that Nick the Stripper isn’t gone after all.

Parents, lock up the kiddies, it’s showtime motherfuckers!!

Grinderman – Electric Alice


1. Get It On
2. No Pussy Blues
3. Electric Alice
4. Grinderman
5. Depth Charge Ethel
6. Go Tell The Women
7. (I Don’t Need You To) Set Me Free
8. Honey Bee (Lets Fly To Mars)
9. Man In The Moon
10. When My Love Comes Down
11. Love Bomb

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