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Jim White – A Funny Little Cross To Bear [2008]

Jim White – A Funny Little Cross To Bear [2008]

We’ve always loved the maverick music genius of Mr White and are delighted to find this new live LP!

This live recording featuring White, the most idiosyncratic of singer-songwriters, either solo or fronting a trio with guitarist Patrick Hargon and bassist Fiona McBain, A Funny Little Cross To Bear features a handful of Jim White’s works-in-progress and a version of “Plywood Superman” re-arranged for guitar and harmonium.

The overall theme is of wanderlust and the emotional anchors which keep us rooted to one place, a conflict he conveys in “Jailbird” as the desire to “be a jailbird from the prison of my mind”. Elsewhere, he reflects in songs like “Counting Numbers In The Air” and “Stranger Candy” about the distractions of listlessness and drugs.

“That mother’s milk is dandy when you’re a baby,” he warns, his opiated drawl borne on a few etiolated wisps of guitar, “but as the wheels of time grind you down, you get a taste for that stranger candy”.

It’s all summed up in the concluding story of a phone call he received one night, the message of which – “15 years of blessings” – he later realised was his life’s total, rather than an unbroken run.


01. Stranger Candy 6:19
02. Jailbird 5:10
03. Counting Numbers In The Air 3:58
04. Alabama Chrome 3:28
05. Jim 4:05
06. Plywood Superman 5:39
07. Untitled 3:44

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