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A very pro-Israel cartoon by Daryl Cagle on Jimmy’s recent visit to Palestine. More Cagle Here!

I mean, are we supposed to feel sorry for poor Ehud Olmert! Give me a fucking break!

Poor Ehud, whose own parents were affiliated with the Jewish militia group the Irgun!

Poor Ehud, who himself consistently over at least 35 years, has been the subject of allegations such as abuse / disappearance of Government funds, bribery, illegal campaign contributions, allocation of Government tenders to “friends” and other cases of criminal behavior.

Poor Ehud, who for years was heavily opposed to Israel’s withdrawal from land captured in the illegal Six-Day War, and who had voted against the Camp David Peace Accords in 1978!

Poor Ehud, right hand crony of war-monger and alleged war criminal, Ariel Sharon (most notably, of course, for his alleged role in the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre when up to 3,500 Palestinian civilians in the refugee camps were killed by the Phalanges!)

I could go on. But I can’t be arsed!

Anyway, this Cagle cartoon is very typical of the viewpoint on this matter.

It’s amazing how most of the herd of so-called Editorial Cartoonists took this cliched standpoint on Carter’s visit.

I mean, Carter is far from a terrorist lover and has done great, selfless work down the years in the goal of peace in various hotbeds of trouble.

This is what he’s doing here. He’s trying to help the onset of peace in Palestine, or Israel! To do that, one needs to talk to all factions.

Do these cartoonists not at all consider that more than some of Israel’s exploits in recent decades could properly be construed as “Terror”. Not only in Israel but in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt etc.

Just to take one case – far from the most significant – have the herd not heard about the famous terrorist cell of assassins sent to far flung territories to murder the alleged perpetrators of the Munich 72 killings – but of course other victims were drawn into this web of terror too. Even rabid pro-Israeli Spielberg almost gave this crusade of terror an objective portrayal in his typically underwhelming “Munich”.

At a more macro level, the establishment and continuation of the Israeli state is nothing if not based on terror!!

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