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John Leslie, "Immortality Defended"

Immortality Defended

John Leslie, “Immortality Defended”
Blackwell Publishing (2007) | English | ISBN 1405162031 | 111 pages | PDF | 1.83 MB

“I intend to live forever. So far, so good.”
-Stephen Wright

“I intend to live forever, or die trying.”
-Groucho Marx

I sometimes feel immortal. That’s usually after a pint of Jack Daniels though!

Immortality is a fascinating concept however, a futile hope embedded in the human heart.

Why does the cosmos exist? Could we be parts of an infinite or divine mind, as pantheists believe? If so, might we have afterlives?

In Immortality Defended, John Leslie, renowned philosopher of religion and cosmology, defends pantheism and three distinct ways in which we could be immortal.

Combining a creation story told by Plato with the ideas of Spinoza, this book tackles the fundamental questions posed by our very existence.

It explores ‘Einsteinian immortality‘ inside an eternally existing four-dimensional whole; the nature of an infinite mind which lives the lives of everybody; and, the possibility of an afterlife inside such a mind. Its arguments are drawn from contemporary science, and from philosophy from ancient Greece onwards.

This highly original work is accessible to anyone interested in science, philosophy, cosmology or theology, or to those who are just intrigued by the wonder of our being.

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