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Josephine Foster – This Coming Gladness [2008]

Josephine Foster – This Coming Gladness [2008]
Colorado born Josephine Foster has practically defined what it means to be an outsider folk singer. Initially with Born Heller and then solo and accompanied by the Supposed, her unsettling soprano and way with a song takes the eerie otherness of those early Appalachian ballads and brings them, whispering, into our dreams.

The Coming Gladness brings the folk aesthetic that Josephine has explored in her recent albums to the psyche rock territory of her recordings with the Supposed.

This intense, uncompromising music is the looming badlands landscape lit by the charged lightning strikes of an extraordinary voice. That voice belongs to no movement, trend or fashion, any more than the equally haunted spirit of Tim Buckley, another outsider, another unique talent, did in his day. It is simply great music and Josephine Foster is, simply, a great singer, simply a great songwriter.

Guitarist Victor Herrero and percussionist Alex Nielson more than contribute to the otherworldly sound of the album. Alex Nielson has been the drummer of choice for Will Oldham, Current 93, and many others, while also fronting his own bands Directing Hand, Tight Meat Duo, and Trembling Bells. Victor as accomplished on electric guitar as acoustic, has also a new solo acoustic guitar soon to be released on Bo’ Weavil. .


1. (00:05:06) The Garden of Earthly Delights
2. (00:05:29) The Lap of your Lust
3. (00:03:21) Lullaby to All
4. (00:05:50) I love you & the Springtime Blues
5. (00:05:33) All I wanted was the Moon
6. (00:05:06) Waltz of Green
7. (00:02:53) Sim Nao
8. (00:03:45) Second Sight
9. (00:03:31) A Thimbleful of Milk
10. (00:03:43) Indelible Rainbows

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Josephine Foster – 4 beautiful albums

Josephine Foster – 4 beautiful albums

Josephine Foster is an American modern folk singer-songwriter and musician from Colorado, often categorized among the New Weird America group of artists.

She is a self-described “opera school dropout”.

Foster is one of the front-runners of the New Weird America movement, and is often associated with acts such as Marissa Nadler, Jana Hunter, Born Heller and Espers.

“You might call Ms. Foster’s eerie warbling old-fashioned, except that is evokes a scrambled past that exists only in her own vision: mountain songs that never were, spaced-out hybrids that never will be.”


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There Are Eyes Above (2000)

Little Life (2001)

What Is It That Ever Was? (2006)

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (2006)

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