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Brian Donor (Julian Cope) – Too Freud To Rock’n’Roll…

Brian Donor (Julian Cope) – Too Freud To Rock’n’Roll…
Released February 10, 2003
320 Kbps / Artwork included
Disc one is made up of studio tracks recorded between 1999 and 2002.

The live disc is taken from Donor’s only live show so far at the Cornucopea Festival at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on April 1st, 2000.


Studio Disc

01. Schizadelic K.O.
02. My Pagan Ass
03. Like A MOtherfucker
04. The Two Towers
05. White Van (Vindhler)
06. Love, Peace & Fuck
07. Get Back On It
08. Messages

Live Disc

01. Raising Power
02. She Saw Me Coming
03. Brain Donor
04. Get Off Your Pretty Face
05. Atomic Punk
06. U-Know!
07. Whole Lotta Loki
08. Gimmie Space
09. Odin’s Gift to His Mother

Here be copious Copey……part1.rar……part2.rar

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