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Juliette Rose Fretté and the bizarre concept of "Posing for Playboy from a Feminist Perspective"

This babe puts the JISM in FeminISM!

The rather hot, booby, blonde Juliette Rose Fretté is the Playmate of the Month in the June 2008 issue of Playboy magazine.

Nothing special about that, one would think. Just another buxom blonde getting her ample goodies out to be ogled at by millions of drooling men!!

Miss Frette however, a writer with a degree in women’s studies, makes the point that she considers herself a real feminist. And she writes an article justifying getting her t&a out, in the context of her apparent feminist beliefs.

Of course then, unlike all the other honeys who strip for Playboy, she did not do so for the fame, for the publicity, for the hope that it might open up doors to the media world, (not even for the hope of appearing in some sleazy tape with a scumbag such as Colin Farrell!) ….. for the immediate money and potential future lucre! No, of course not, no!

So why would an avowed feminist appear in the most famous nudie mag in the Universe?

Well, JR, when she first posed first posed nude for Playboy (in the October 2005 issue, “Girls of the PAC 10”) said she did it only for her thesis “Posing for Playboy from a Feminist Perspective“! Hilarious!

JR, has since gone on to appear a few more times! Maybe she had a few new theses called “Posing Again And Again for Playboy from a Feminist Perspective”!

And now she’s back again! What’s her story this time?

Well, she says “It’s fun. It’s creative!”

That’s just what we like to see. A naked, fun-loving, booby blonde!

Funniest of all, she says in the mag that “Playboy has directly and indirectly facilitated much progress for women and American culture“! How the fuck has it done that?! Can American culture be distilled down to boobs and beaver shots? Guess it probably can!!!

One more point on this article. Does Frette not realise that only about 0.5% of Playboy “readers” actually read anything in the magazine!

Final point – which puts a lot of this into context – Frette also considers JK Rowling a genius (what?) and loves Oprah! She really must be a bimbo! A naked, fun-loving, booby blonde bimbo! Hurrah!

Yap, JR sure sounds like a real intellectual. Oh, and a real feminist too!

She does have an amazing rack though! And her ass does look really good in lingerie.

And that’s all that counts!!

Nice job baby!

Keep working on those crazy theses! Your next one should be “The Buzz of Bukkake from a Feminist Perspective”!!

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