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Mushi Mushi Japanese Stunner Juno – the JD Salinger of Japanese soft-core!

Mushi Mushi Japanese Stunner Juno!

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with that overhyped American kiddy movie about some annoying skank who get’s poled by an unbearable nerd!

No, this is far more important!

Juicy Juno was on the scene for a short time and, alas, did only a few photographic and video shoots.

However, she possessed such an unsually striking beauty and wonderful physique that, like wild-hotty-fire, she soon became the most posted and sought-after starlets on the web. Well, outside Japland anyway.

She very soon after disappeared from the scene though!


Like me, Juno is a huge fan of Jean Luc Godard!
This chick Juno is veritably the JD Salinger of Japanese soft-core!!

Yap, I believe JD looked just like this before the sex (and race) change!!

Her shots were beautiful but, by JAV standards, quite tame.

Nevertheless, not so tame that I can post too many of em here!!

These, I can, though!

And don’t worry lil Junophiles, there will be more real soon!

Juno, move that knee now pleassseee!

Come back Juno! PLEASSSSEEE!!!

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