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Robert Forster – German Schoolhouse (Live in Haindling Nov 2008)

Robert Forster – German Schoolhouse
Live in Haindling Nov 28, 2008

A wonderful high-quality Robert Forster bootleg with lots of Go-Between classics as well as older solo Forster stuff, as well of course as songs from his amazing 2008 LP “The Evangelist”.

Playing along with Robert is his wife, violinist Karin Bäumler.

“Robert Forster in Haindling” was a benefit concert for an organisation that supports children who develop cancer. Please contribute to their very meretricious work by dropping a few bucks here: bettina-braeu-stiftung

All thanks to That Striped Sunlight Sound who says;

I’m in a bit of a Robert mood at the moment, its a long story and this boot is the ticket. Its maybe the best Robert gig I’ve heard recorded, with a wonderful selection of songs, including “When people are dead” a song I would kill to see live. Also the recording which is an acoustic sound board, features Robert’s wife Karin on violin.

These fascinating notes are from the boot compiler (not sure who that was but many thanks anyway!);
As many of you know Robert Forster spent a couple of years in Bavaria (drinking beer and smile from ear to ear), in the town of Regensburg. After having left the Go-Betweens in 1990 he moved to Alteglofsheim, a small village about 30 km away from Regensburg, living in a “German Farmhouse” with members of the local Band “Baby you know” (a very much underrated band, in my opinion.)

The Band doesn’t exist anymore, if you’re lucky you may get one of their CDs on ebay or elsewhere. Look out for “Clear Water”.

One of the members of that band was Karin Bäumler, violinist, who became Robert’s wife.

So: After Robert’s world tour 2008 he, Karin and their kids stayed here in Bavaria for a couple of weeks. They lived in a house in the village of “Haindling”, close to Geiselhöring, which is about 35 km away from Regensburg. (It is the same village after which the German Band “Haindling” got their name from, by the way).

On November 28, Robert (and Karin on a couple of songs) did a benefit concert in this very village in the “Alte Hauptschule”, which means “Old schoolhouse” (roughly translated). This, of course, led to the title “German Schoolhouse”. (Karin told me that Robert liked the title, so don’t say anything against it…)

Only fifty or so people found access to this rather small venue, which made it a very special show.

After the show I had the opportunity to talk to Robert and Karin for the first time: Very, very friendly people, and both crazy about music. (People who LOVE music can’t have a bad character anyway, can they?).

Robert told me that he already has written a couple of songs since “The Evangelist” came out, but has no plans to record them in the near future.

One these new songs, “Love is where it is”, was performed during the concert. (Robert asked me not to upload this song, which is quite understandable.)

Thank you Robert for allowing me to record the show, thanks to Karin for the phone calls, and of course thanks to Edi and Manfred at the soundboard for their technical support.

“Robert Forster in Haindling” was a benefit-Concert for an organisation that supports children who develop cancer. If you want to get information or even give a donation, here is its domain:


01-A place to hide away
02-River people
03-If it rains
05-Spirit of a vampyre
06-Darlinghurt nights
07-When people are dead
08-Surfing magazines
09-The house Jack Kerouac built
10-Bow down
11-Born to a family
12-German farmhouse
13-Part company
14-I’ve been looking for somebody
15-Head full of steam
16-Quiet heart
17-As he lives my life

Download Here

thanks to That Striped Sunlight Sound


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