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Golden Globe Gobbledygook!

‘I’m so sorry Anne, Meryl, Kristin, and oh God, who’s the other one? Angelina’

-Kate Winslet

Man, somebody please shoot that annoying, over-rated, plastic (literally!) Winslet bitch! We think “the other one” Angelina, amongst many others, would have been more than happy to have done so yesterday!

We haven’t seen so much falseness, dumbness, plasticity and limitless ego since the last speech Polar Palin made on her insane Campaign ticket! Almost as bad as when that crazy Halle Berry won an Academy Award for … erm …. “Catwoman” or some crock!

Gather. This is really happening …

-Kate Winslet

Let’s hope Winny doesn’t win an Oscar! We can only imagine the frightful events that might ensue there when this whackjob gets up on stage!

And the “Guatemalean Paddy” Colin Farrell won an award? And for Acting – not for being a general asshole!

How the hell did that happen? We’ve seen that “In Bruges” crock and it really was embarrassingly awful! And Farrell was his typically useless self therein too!! So getting an award for that is a giant fucking mystery!

However, we were delighted for Mickey Rourke, a masterful actor we’ve liked since his earliest work! He really was on the edge of reaching the rarified level of the likes of Brando, Clift, Mitchum, De Niro (well, early De Niro!) et al when he literally pissed it all away! So it’s great to see him – eventually! – back where he belongs!

And of course too we were delighted for the team behind the wonderful Slumdog Millionaire! It’s great, and very rare, to see a low-budget work like this get the recognition it well deserves!


By Guy Adams

Los Angeles
Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kate Winslet and Slumdog Millionaire combined to make it an extraordinary night for the Brits at the Golden Globes, winning all six of the awards they were nominated for, and making themselves firm favourites to take top honours at next month’s Oscars.

The actress broke a long-running duck that has seen her unsuccessfully nominated for five Golden Globes and another five Oscars by winning a brace of prizes, including Best Actress in a Dramatic Film, for her role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road.

In an emotional and sometimes tearful pair of acceptance speeches, she told a star-studded audience at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles that “I have a habit of not winning things,” before asking, in a highly theatrical fashion: “Is this really happening?” After winning for Revolutionary Road she gushed: “I’m so sorry Anne, Meryl, Kristin, and oh God, who’s the other one? Angelina. Now, forgive me. Gather. This is really happening …”

Though cynics winced at Winslet’s faltering delivery, and wondered if it was really necessary for her to declare undying love for both Leonardo DiCaprio and her husband Sam Mendes, the scale of her achievement justified a measure of emotion. No actress has ever scooped the Golden Globe for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress – which Winslet won for her role in The Reader – on the same night. And her gushing performance followed in a great Hollywood tradition.

The low-budget film, about a boy from the slums of Mumbai who wins the jackpot on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, continued a remarkable run of form that has seen it showered with awards, and propelled it relentlessly up the box office charts.

In total, a record 10 of this year’s 25 Golden Globe trophies will go back to the British Isles, including the Best Actress in a Comedy prize which was scooped by the little-known London-born actress Sally Hawkins. Hawkins who is also no stranger to a wet handkerchief, upset the odds to beat Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson for her starring role in the Mike Leigh film Happy-Go-Lucky. Tom Wilkinson was honoured for his role in John Adams, an HBO mini-series about America’s second president which won a total of four awards in the TV category of the awards. Irish stars Gabriel Byrne and Colin Farrell also won their first Globes, for the TV show In Treatment and the film In Bruges respectively.

Elsewhere in the Globes, which are the only major awards event to honour both television and film, Tina Fey continued her virtual clean sweep of this year’s comedy gongs, landing three trophies for her TV show 30 Rock. The highly-rated Israeli title Waltz With Bashir was named Best Foreign Language film, while Wall-E took Best Animation.

Three films that had been considered leading contenders for the Academy Awards, and which led the Globe field with five nominations each – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Doubt and Frost/Nixon – ended the night being completely shut out.

But it was Slumdog Millionaire that generated the most headlines. It scooped four gongs, more than any other film, getting the nod for the prestigious titles of Best Drama Film and Best Director, for its director Danny Boyle.

As expected, the late Heath Ledger landed the Best Supporting Actor Globe for his career-defining turn as the Joker in the summer Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight. But one of the biggest cheers of the night was reserved for Mickey Rourke, who won the Best Actor award for The Wrestler, in which he plays an ageing former wrestling star who gets a last shot at glory in the ring.

Winslet’s highlights A simple thank you would have done !

*Best Supporting Actress – The Reader

“OK, you have to forgive me because I have a habit of not winning things. [She puts award on the floor then picks it up]. No that doesn’t feel right putting that down … Penelope, Amy, Marissa and Viola. It is such an honour to be in your company … Sorry this is going on a bit but I’m gonna make the most of it. I must also, I really must also thank our hair and make-up department … Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack were producers on this film. They died while we were filming and they never got to see the finished product; I hope they would have been proud. My husband Sam for your incredible support … I’m sorry I was so mental at the end. And my children Mia and Joe who are watching this on TV. Look, I won!”

*Best Actress – Revolutionary Road

“I’m so sorry Anne, Meryl, Kristin, and oh God, who’s the other one? Angelina. Now, forgive me. Gather. This is really happening … Thank you so much. You should wrap up. You have no idea how much I’m not wrapping up … I want to thank the late great Richard Yates for writing this remarkable novel … Leo, I’m so happy I can stand here and tell you how much I love you and how much I’ve loved you for 13 years. And your performance in this film is nothing short of spectacular‚ And my husband Sam. Thank you for directing this film, babe, and thank you for killing us every single day. It made me love you more.”

Here is a complete list of winners at the ceremony:


Best Picture, Drama: Slumdog Millionaire
Best Picture, Musical or Comedy: Vicky Christina Barcelona
Best Actor, Drama: Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
Best Actress, Drama: Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road
Best Director: Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Colin Farrell, In Bruges
Best Actress, Musical or Comedy: Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky
Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
Best Supporting Actress: Kate Winslet, The Reader
Best Foreign Language Film: Waltz With Bashir
Best Animated Film: Wall-E
Best Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy, Slumdog Millionaire
Best Original Score: AR Rahman, Slumdog Millionaire
Best Original Song: The Wrestler (performed and written by Bruce Springsteen), The Wrestler


Best Series, Drama: Mad Men
Best Actor, Drama: Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment
Best Actress, Drama: Anna Paquin, True Blood
Best Series, Musical or Comedy: 30 Rock
Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Best Actress, Musical or Comedy: Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Best Miniseries or Movie: John Adams
Best Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Laura Linney, John Adams
Best Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Paul Giammatti, John Adams
Best Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Laura Dern, Recount
Best Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Tom Wilkinson, John Adams
Cecil B DeMille Award: Steven Spielberg.


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