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Kimberly Zhu R.I.P.

We yesterday posted some pictures of gorgeous Kimberly Zhu, a young Asian-American model.

A commenter today informed us that Kimberly had died!

We were shocked and incredulous, given she was so young, and rushed to check this out.

However, when checking on model pages etc that listed Kimberly, there was no indication that this may have been the case, so we were feeling good. However, very unfortunately, this soon changed.

We were so deeply saddened to see the report below telling of Kimberly’s freak death at the hands of a hit and run driver only a few weeks ago – on August 9th. We later found confirmation (indirect) via her myspace.

She had only turned 23.

How appallingly sad and tragic.

May she rest in eternal peace.

Deepest condolences to Kimberly’s family and loved ones.

Out, out, brief candle
Life’s but a walking shadow

-William Shakespeare (

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Someone really should inform the various webmasters of the model sites where Kimberly appears, about this sad situation, so that proper respect and dignity can be afforded her.

Here’s the sad piece about the tragic accident, by Danger Mike

June 20th, 1985 – August 9th, 2008

Mitt would like to give our Condolences to the Friends and Family of Kimberly Zhu. May she rest in peace. Its tragic for someone this beautiful to go so soon.

ALHAMBRA – Officials have released the name of a 23-year-old Los Angeles woman killed Saturday in a hit-and-run crash.

Kimberly Min Hua Zhu died at the scene of the crash, Los Angeles County Department of Coroner Assistant Chief of Operations Ed Winter said.

The incident occurred about 2 a.m. on the eastbound 10 Freeway, just east of Fremont Avenue, California Highway Patrol officials said.

Zhu had apparently crashed her car into the center divider and gotten out when she was struck by a pickup truck that fled the scene, officials said.

Honorio Caldera-Cortez, 38, of Baldwin Park was arrested at his home shortly after midnight the next morning and booked on suspicion of felony hit-and-run, officials said.

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