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Lambchop Live on La Blogothèque

Podcast produced by La Blogothèque
Directed by Nat

Lambchop is a band that is full of contrasts, of subtle nuances that you’re never sure you have completely grasped. It’s a band that mixes wildly different ingredients: the flavors blend nonetheless, until it becomes almost impossible to separate them again. Here are two things you’ll find in all of their discography: a pinch of humor and a good swig of levity.

Because they spend so much time speaking in hushed tones of twilight ambiences, it’s easy to forget that the men of Lambchop, and Kurt Wagner the leader, are, much more often than it seems, pouring on the sarcasm. And, yes, in this Take Away Show, you’ll see them laugh. Not roaring laughter—but soft, like laughter between old friends that find comfort in their complicity. You’ll see him hang the lyrics of their song on the back of a friend, who gets transformed into a man/sandwich-board hybrid. There’s a sense of mischief with these guys.

As you hear them repeatedly unfold their dark, plodding folk with its slow-motion tempo, you forget that the men of Lambchop are usually specialists in levity. Each of their notes is retained as long as it can be, and each falls to the floor like autumn leaves that let go of the tree when their moment has finally come. However, this isn’t a Mark Hollis- style retention: it’s not a painful holding-on. It’s more a languid method, nearly carefree in its slowness, forged from an outdated sensibility of taking one’s time. (Copyright KMS on this idea.)

And now, in these videos, you’ll hear the bittersweet lyrics, sarcastic and not terribly optimistic, of “National Talk Like a Pirate Day.” You’ll hear the guitars stack over each other, turning one over the other, and finally taking flight. It’s a sweet take-off, calm and serene, a tiny crystalline tornado that sweeps up only some dust and a few leaves.


Réal : Nat

Tourné à Paris

You’ll hear the deceptively adolescent tune (if teenagers could be capable of weightlessness) of “I believe in you”, and its way of taking hold, slowly, very slowly. Like building a house of cards, somewhat. Watch the city around them, too: the musicians are hidden in an unpopulated alleyway, and the little street doesn’t seem to realize what’s happening until the last minute, until everything is almost done. Hidden in the middle is the band’s final promise, their credo that almost nobody hears: “I believe in music.”


Réal : Nat

Tourné à Paris

And then you’ll hear Kurt Wagner’s voice. If Antony is the voice of the new age, then he — this old, greying patriarch surrounded by young musicians who, it seems, could almost be his kids—is the voice of yesteryear.

- Translation by Caitlin Caven

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Euros Childs – Cheer Gone [Wichita 2008]

Euros Childs – Cheer Gone [Wichita 2008]

We loved the innovative Welsh indie band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci back in the day and saw them play live a few times. The band were well ahead of their time and sadly thus never attained the commercial success they deserved.

We like head honcho Euros Childs’ (yap, that’s a real name … not just a random currency and random description of a youth, brought together!) solo output too. This one, his fourth, is no different.

Although a change in style is afoot here with a definite country tinge across many of the songs. It was, after all, recorded in Nashville!

Nice cover artwork too!

On this, his fourth solo album in three years, ex-Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci frontman Euros Childs takes a trip to Nashville, recording with engineer Mark Nevers and a host of local musicians including Matt Swanson of Lambchop.

All songs were laid down live, usually within the first two takes, and there’s a real sense of ease embedded in the recordings.

While outright country isn’t the order of the day, there’s a lot of laidback lapsteel, twanging banjo and folksy stylings on Cheer Gone, starting with the slow piano swing of ‘Autumn Leaves’, an immediately brilliant slow jam, followed by another in the shape of ‘Summer Days’.

Slightly more upbeat is ‘Her Ways’, which although slightly rougher around the edges – and slightly Beatles-like – doesn’t entirely dispense with the country & western factor. Perhaps due to the rapid turnover rate of the recording sessions (all finished after six days), there are one or two numbers in which Euros lets the band take five (’Always Thinking Of Her’, ‘Farm Hand Murder’) only consolidating the pervading sense of rawness and intimacy that characterises the entire album. Highly recommended..


1. Autumn Leaves 3:35
2. Summer Days 2:02
3. Her Ways 3:14
4. Nineteen Fifties 3:07
5. My Love Is Gone 2:38
6. Always Thinking Of Her 2:02
7. Farm Hand Murder 3:38
8. Saving Up To Get Married 4:14
9. O Ein Dear 3:58
10. Medicine Head 2:21
11. Sing Song Song 1:32

Here she be:

Big thanks to lflipcabral

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Lambchop – OH (Ohio) [2008]

Lambchop – OH (Ohio)

We’ve always loved the great music made by Kurt Wagner and his Lambchop ensemble and have been looking forward to this more eagerly than a dog who’s not had a boner in 6 months!

We’ve had but one listen, but we’ve had a boner!

So, ahem ahem ….. on October 7, Merge Records will release OH (ohio), the new album by Lambchop, a group the All Music Guide has called “arguably the most consistently brilliant and unique American group to emerge [in the past two decades].”

OH (ohio) was recorded in Lambchop’s hometown of Nashville and produced by part-time ‘chopper Mark Nevers at his Beech House studio. It features 11 new songs all written by Kurt Wagner, many with evocative titles – the stately soul folk of “Slipped Dissolved and Loosed,” the galloping rhythms and chiming guitar-piano interplay of “National Talk Like a Pirate Day,” and the shapeshifting, nearly funky “Popeye” – that have become a Lambchop hallmark.

Change is a subtle thing in Lambchop’s world. As his catalogue suggests, Wagner is a great believer in the natural pace of life. But he does concede that, for a group whose ranks once swelled to more than 20, “The last few years have been about a distillation of the collective into a core band: Tony Crow (piano), William Tyler (guitar), Matt Swanson (bass), Alex McManus (guitar) and now Ryan Norris (keyboards, guitar) and Scott Martin (drums). This is their sound, and it’s Lambchop’s sound. But,” Wagner continues, “Lambchop more and more has become a vehicle for my songs and myself as an artist. I’ve fought against that interpretation for twenty years, but now I’ve just given up trying to fight it anymore.”

It seems only appropriate, then, that Wagner is planning a U.S. solo tour around the release of OH (ohio). Stay tuned for more information on tour dates in the coming weeks.


1. Ohio (2:24)
2. Slipped Dissolved And Loosed (4:50)
3. I’m Thinking Of A Number (6:18)
4. National Talk Like A Pirate Day (5:59)
5. A Hold Of You (5:38)
6. Sharing A Gibson With Martin Luther King Jr. (4:34)
7. Of Raymond (3:02)
8. Please Rise (3:39)
9. Popeye (6:18)
10. Close Up (3:52)
11. I Believe In You (3:27)

Here she be;
No pass


No pass

Big thanks to celtic and lflipcabral and AlienOnAcid

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