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Nice Ass, Shame about the Show / Hos from The Hills hit Rolling Stone

Hos from The Hills hit Rolling Stone

Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port of The Hills grace the cover and pages of Rolling Stone, discussing their dumb MTV series.

Talentless cretins … but some nice asses!

Yap, the latest winners of our famous Nice Asses, Shame about the Show accolade!

I notice that on the cover just above the pic of these bimbos, is the heading “Inside a $ 25,000-a-night Escort Service”!

Do these bimbos work for “a $ 25,000-a-night Escort Service”?!

I must say, $ 25,000 is a little too much for one of these airheads.

Yeah, about $ 24,950 too much!!

Forget appearing on Rolling Stone. I wanna see these chicks do a hardcore shoot for Screw magazine involving S&M paraphernalia and a few midgets! That would be almost interesting!

Great work, no-talent babes!


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