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Our holiday home from !

Kinky Kurvy Korean Kar Kutie! …. It’s Lee Sun Young!

Hankook is the Korean word for huge tits!

Baby, I hardly recognised you with your clothes on!

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Unnamed Korean Race Queen doesn’t Shuk!

Stunning Korean Race Queen

We call this chick “unnamed Korean race queen”. I don’t think that’s her real name though!

Maybe it’s Shuk ?!

She can shuk with me anytime! I do like a good shuk!

We found this stunning beauty while doing some ‘research’. Why does my wife never believe that I am doing research when she catches me surfing naughty pages!

Honey, I hate looking at hotties and nudies and hotty nudies and nudie hotties! Honest! It’s only work, honey!

Anyway, does anyone know this chick’s real name?

Unfortunately, I need a name before I can send the insane, demented fan letters!

An address is often useful too!

Shuk has sure has caused a stirring somewhere!

May 28, 2008 Posted by | Korea, Lee Sun Young, _BABE | 3 Comments