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Bessie Smith – The Collection

Bessie Smith – The Collection
Audio CD (October 25, 1990)
Original Release Date: March 28, 1989
Label: Sony
ASIN: B0000026N0

The great Bessie sure could belt em out alright!

Peerlessly so!

Here are some of her many fine fine moments!

Bessie Smith was the greatest and most influential classic blues singer of the 1920s. Her full-bodied blues delivery coupled with a remarkable self-assuredness that worked its way in and around most every note she sang, plus her sharp sense of phrasing, enabled her to influence virtually every female blues singer who followed. During her heyday, she sold hundreds of thousands of records and earned upwards of $2.000 per week, which was a queenly sum in the 1920s. She routinely played to packed houses in the South as well as the North and Midwest. By the time the decade had ended, Smith had become the most respected black singer in America and had recorded a catalog of blues that still stands as the yardstick by which all other female blues singers are measured.

For many blacks, Smith was more than just a blues singer. Thanks to an assertive personality and an emancipated, often excessive lifestyle that included much drinking, frequent fistfights, wild sexual encounters with both men and women, and little tolerance of people who aimed to exploit her, Smith became a black cultural symbol. To many blacks, her success represented a triumph over white domination in the entertainment business. She gave hope to oppressed black women and inspired countless of other singers. Smith influenced everyone from Billie Holiday to Mahalia Jackson and Janis Joplin. Although she died 1937, still in the primer of her career, she left behind a legacy that is wonderfully rich and practically unparalleled. She ranks with the best artists the blues has ever produced.

Backed by a rotating roster of jazz stars, Smith’s potent delivery made her a peerless star of classic female blues, combining a fiercely independent, almost defiant approach with subtly effective tinges of vulnerability. Early cuts such as “Downhearted Blues,” which supposedly saved Columbia records from extinction in 1923, and “T’aint Nobody’s Bizness If I Do” feature only Clarence Williams’s piano behind her, but it’s her work with Louis Armstrong that truly stands out-Satchmo majestically bobs and weaves his cornet around Smith’s lines on “St. Louis Blues,” “Reckless Blues,” “I Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle,” and the ragtime chestnut “You’ve Been a Good Old Wagon.” Unfortunately, Columbia offers buyers only two options: this cursory 16-song introduction or an exhaustive five-volume double-CD series.

-Marc Greilsamer


1. Downhearted Blues
2. ‘Taint Nobody’s Bizness If I Do
3. My Sweetie Went Away
4. Weepin’ Willow Blues
5. St. Louis Blues (with Louis Armstrong)
6. Reckless Blues
7. You’ve Been A Good Ole Wagon
8. i Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
9. Young Woman’s Blues
10. Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moon)
11. Mean Old Bedbug Blues
12. Empty Bed Blues (Part. 1 & 2)
13. Nobody Knows When You’re Down And Out
14. Black Mountain Blues
15. Do Your Duty
16. Gimme a Pigfoot

Here be Bessie

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High Society – Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly (1956)

High Society – Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly (1956)
Soundtrack | MP3 320 kbps | 78 MB


01. High Society (Overture) Orchestra – Cole Porter Orchestra
02. High Society Calypso – Louis Armstrong
03. Little One – Bing Crosby
04. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Celeste Holm, Frank Sinatra
05. True Love – Bing Crosby, Gary Kelly, Grace Kelly
06. You’re Sensational – Frank Sinatra
07. I Love You Samantha – Bing Crosby
08. Now You Have Jazz – Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby
09. Well Did You Evah – Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra
10. Mind If I Make Love to You – Frank Sinatra

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