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Low – Santa’s Coming Over

Low offer a wonderful slice of creepy Christmas cheer!

From the 2008 7″ single on Sub Pop Records!

Another great cut from one of our most favourite groups of all, the mighty Low!

Amazing vid too- simple yet very powerful!

Yes lil kids, Santa’s Coming Over to rip your nasty hearts out!

We know they’re Mormon, but this sounds more than a tad satanic!

Yap, sounds like something from the magnificent original Wicker Man, sung by the mad islanders when burning the ‘outsider’ cop to death in the giant wicker cage (no, we shall not speak of the recent awful US remake!)!

We love it!

After Shane Mc Gowan’s majestic “Fairytale Of New York”, this is officially the best Xmas song ever!!

thanks to subpoprecords


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Low – The Great Destroyer (2005)

Low – The Great Destroyer (2005)
MP3 192 kbps / 82 MB
More amazing music from our favourite mormons!

We sure love Low!


1. Monkey
2. California
3. Everybody’s Song
4. Silver Rider
5. Just Stand Back
6. On The Edge Of
7. Cue The Strings
8. Step
9. When I Go Deaf
10. Broadway [So Many People]
11. Pissing
12. Death of a Salesman
13. Walk Into the Sea

Here she be;


Big thanks to kadorna

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Low – You May Need A Murderer (2008)

Low – You May Need A Murderer (2008)
[6 new acoustic songs, bonus, DVD-rip]

More wonderful music from the wonderful Low. They’re Mormon, apparently!


01. I Started A Joke ( 4:13)
02. Done ( 1:02)
03. Dinosaur Act ( 0:55)
04. Sharp-Tooth Dinosaur ( 1:16)
05. Little Argument With Myself ( 2:30)
06. Pretty People ( 1:43)

Here be low;…..o.rar.html


no pass

Big thanks to the original poster

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