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Maoist dictatorship looming over Nepal

Maoist Party Dictatorship Looming Large

News Blaze | Feb 7,2009

By Harihar Joshi, UK

The State of Nepal under the Maoists is turning into a state of USSR under Stalin or the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia. Everywhere Maoist agents are placed. No business can be opened without the Maoist agents pressuring the winning bidders to pay them a percentage.

Businessmen have to suffer from the very beginning and pay unnecessary donations to the Maoists. Besides forced kickbacks, the businessmen have to bribe government officials and pay regular taxes on the biddings. The businessmen, in order to cover up their costs have to levy ordinary people a heavy price for the services they provide. The Nepali people are forced to pay a high price for every service they are taking. The high price for the day-to-day commodities is making Nepali people suffer badly.

This Nepali people’s sufferings increase due to the growing inflation rate. The economic development path taken by the Maoist Government is completely wrong. The Maoist philosophy of big budget to jumpstart development activities is a copy of the Soviet model of development activities.

I do not need not to remind, that with such an economic plan the Soviet Union collapsed. However, the Communists ruled there for more than 70 years. Nepali Maoists want to rule as long as they can and don’t care even if Nepal faces Soviet style breakage. Republic Nepal with federation in small components is more vulnerable than the Soviet Union.

The placing of Maoist cadets everywhere for surveillance purposes makes it difficult for people to perform daily routines. The human surveillance put by the Maoists at the Tribhuvan International Airport (T.I.A.) makes it difficult for the Nepali people coming in from abroad. The Maoists who are empowered for surveillance have all the details of Nepalese abroad.

The Maoists take special note of the Nepali people who come from the United States, Japan and some Western European countries. Nepalese coming from these countries are vulnerable for extortion and kidnapping. Politically active expatriates are even more vulnerable. Those who raise their voices against the Maoists in favor of democracy and Monarchy are almost certain to face consequences.

The Maoist policy of keeping people under a tight grip by intimidation and threats by its affiliates such as Young ‘Democratic’ Communist League (Y’D’CL) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is similar to the Afghan Taliban and the present day Iranian government-imposed dictatorial rule. Nepali women are frightened to speak too much about household problems created by the terrible policies of the Maoist Government.

The policy of one party dictatorship with Communist philosophy is coming closer to implementation in Nepal. The Maoist party is trying to break the Unified Marxist Leninists (UML) and strengthen the extremist leftist grip. The small left groups are slowly moving into the Maoist fold.

Unless united under the principle propounded by the late BP Koirala, who throughout his life held that the system of Constitutional Monarchy is the only option, Nepal is on the way towards the fracturing of the nation, towards one party dictatorship by the Maoists. The international community and donors will have no choice except to accept the outcome since a few of the international community members also see their benefits out of Nepal’s tragedies.

By all means, the Maoist party dictatorship is looming large.

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