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The lovely curvy Maria Milian

Man, we love this curvy hotty, the exotic Spanish /Armenian Maria Milian!

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Maria Milian ..
Miami, FL



Its very obvious that you’re a beautiful woman, but whats Maria like on the inside?
I would describe myself as very ambitious and goal oriented. I have a good sense of humor and I’m very sensitive and loving. I’m also humble and down to earth. I come from a Spanish and Armenian background so people consider my look exotic.

Where are you from?:
Currently back and forth from Miami, to NY to ATL. My hometown is Miramar, FL.

I hear you love Miami though.
Miami is MIAMI…mostly anywhere you go or anything you see is a sight in itself. Trina Hotel on Ft Lauderdale Beach has some really great food and is overall a great dining experience, although its kind of pricey. I love Scrubys BBQ though!!

What are you working on right now Maria?

I currently model full time. Whenever I have spare time I dance at some of the hottest venues in Miami

Dancing huh?
NIGHTclubs, not stripclubs!

Okay. So where do you see yourself down the road?

I’m working towards basically being a BRAND. I want to be a household name and really admired in my profession. In 10 years I see myself as an accomplished model/singer/actress, married with kids and working on my humanitarian causes, traveling the world and helping others.

What do you want people to know about you?
I want people to know I truly love what i do. I do it for the love and passion of performing. Its in my blood. I’m not a superficial person, nor am I vain. Looks can be deceiving and in this business you have to have thick skin. Sometimes my confidence may come off as cockiness but that is so far from reality. I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I really do look forward to my success in the industry and plan on using my status to help others as well.

What concerns you about society today?
What concerns me about society is the negative state of mind some people have. Being a negative person can only bring you down and people that are negative do not want to see others succeed. Its sad to me because if people would start being more positive, it might actually do everyone some good.

Why do you believe that you are a Dyme?:
I believe I am a “Dyme”, not because of my appearance but because of my personality and my heart and drive. I really am not your ‘typical girl’.

Do you feel that your physical beauty has helped you gain anything? How would your life differ if you were a 3?

Sadly enough I believe that is partially why a lot of people get places in life, myself included. But looks arent ‘everything and dont last forever so its important to have the entire package. Your mind is more valuable than the way you look, even though society doesn’t really see it that way. Being a ‘3’ would make things alot harder, in this day and age people are very consumed by physical appearance and thats what they judge people off of. Being a ‘3’ would mean that Id have to work 10 times harder than a prettier girl would, even if I was more qualified.

Do you feel as though beauty can be a hindrance at times?

It can be at times. Sometimes you don’t want to be bothered or harassed but you cant help it, its a part of this business and I take the good with the bad.

Do you believe that some guys are intimidated by your looks?

This is really funny, the answer is absolutely YES!! I don’t know why but most guys wont talk to me, unless they’re drunk or just really very bold. I’m not sure why…I don’t bite!!

You don’t bite? Well I don’t think I could be too mad if you did. So whats the best way for a guy to catch the eye of one Ms. Milian?

The best way for a guy to get my attention is to be or say something funny. I’m a sucker for the class clown and comedian. I like cocky,confident guys; the ones that never heard the word no a day in their life! Of course they have to be attractive and have nice teeth and skin, although weight isn’t something a really concerned with. I’m not really into the super built,overly muscular kind of guy. They have to have a sense of humor,ambition and common sense. A college degree isn’t necessary but they have to be smart. I cant deal with ignorance.

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Anything you want to share with the world?
Stay Positive!! Never let them see you sweat. Be confidant about what you do and never give up. Dont let negative people in your inner circle.

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