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Dirty Dozen Pornstars who ran for Public Office

As the Stormy Daniels madness shows, Pornography and Politics are far from strange bedfellows!

Here be further proof! A Dirty Dozen of valuable intelligent citizens and outstanding contributors to society who have mixed up the phrases Public Office and Porn Biz!

We here are liberal minded enough to say that a career in porn should not preclude you from running for election.

We’ll go even further and say that a career in porn should be mandatory before you can run for election.

Experience in screwing loads of people for money is an essential pre-requisite for politics!! Politics is nothing but one giant clusterf*ck!

#12 – Dolly Buster

Katja-Nora Baumberger (née Kateřina Nora Bochníčková,) was born 1969 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. This siliconed sweety is better known as Dolly Buster, a film producer and director, actress, author, and porn star.

Buster has starred in literally hundreds of X-rated European movies, and had gained a name for herself as one of the biggest in the industry. She is also the author of a successful series of crime-novels about a German porn-star-turned-amateur-sleuth.

In 2004 she attempted to obtain a seat in European parliament as candidate of a fringe Czech political party. The party got a massive 0.71% of the votes! Obviously there aren’t many porno fans in the Czech republic!

#11 – Yuri Fujikawa

Being Japanese, this hotty-san does things the other way. One of the hottest properties in Japanese politics, Yuri Fujikawa (藤川ゆり), after being elected, dabbled in soft porn with some sexy photographs and DVDs released of her showing off her lovely body.

Yuri Fujikawa (official homepage, official blog) is a 28 year old member of the Hachinohe local government. She’s officially an independent but is a member of the Liberal Democratic Club and officially campaigned with Abe in the upper house election in 2007 so it’s fair to say has a reasonable amount of LDP in her blood.

In Japan’s true “tall poppy syndrome” style, she’s been criticized as being “too pretty” to be a politician! What? A chick is never too pretty or too naughty or too Japanese to be a politician in our view!

#10 – Marilyn Chambers

One of the most famous porn actresses of all, the legendary star of the seminal (or should that be semenal?) Mitchell Brother’s classic Behind The Green Door, Marilyn Chambers.

While she went on to have a long and very enthusiastic career in porn, you may not know that in the 2004 US Presidential Election, she ran for Vice President on the Personal Choice Party ticket, a quasi-libertarian party, for which she received a total of 946 votes!

946 votes? WTF? How many guys have watched her porn movies? Must be millions! Ungrateful ba*tards!!

#9 – Milly d’Abbraccio

The first of three Italian based entries on the list, socialist and veteran pornstar Milly D’Abbraccio ran in April 2008 for a seat on Rome’s city hall, and featured her pert ass prominently on all campaign posters.

The star of such classic pornos as The Kiss of the Cobra, Paolina Borghese and Imperial Nymphomaniac promised that , if elected, she would create a red light area with strip clubs, erotic discos and sex shops called “Love City” just miles away from the Vatican! Now that sounds like the kind of city we’d want to live in!

#8 – Peter Bond

In 2002, a former German pornstar and game show host named Peter Bond ran for a seat in parliament on the liberal Freed Democrats ticket. No word on whether lederhosen and bratwurst featured in his manifesto.

#7 – Mimi Myagi

The DD-breasted Filipino porn star Mimi Myagi was running a very successful live nude chat webchat when, in 2006, she filed as a Republican gubernatorial candidate in the state of Nevada, under her birth name, Melody Damayo, with the slogan “I’m bare and honest at all times“.

The GOP? WTF? Well if she’s honest at all times the last place she should be is on a GOP ticket!

Her campaign was even endorsed by Wonkette.

#6 – Goeran Eurenius

Georan Eurenius was actually already in office – as a councilor in Haerryda, Sweden – when his past career of acting in “at least” 14 porn movies was revealed, much to the surprise of his Leftist Party (what a great name) who were known for supporting feminist and anti-pornography views. Great work Your Anus .. sorry Eurenius!

#5 – Cheri Manescu

Romanian Pornstar Cheri Manescu was another who believed her experience getting screwed for money in public was somehow a fine qualification to become Mayor of Rome.

Ermmm …. actually, she does have a fair point! Especially in the craziness of Italian politics!

However, unlike her hero La Cicciolina, she didn’t get elected! She did however get to show her wonderful kit and kaboodle on Italian TV chat shows, wihch is a success in itself!

#4 – Sonny Landham

Landham started out acting in pornographic movies such as Naked Came The Stranger before branching out into mainstream acting, including parts in movies such as The Warriors and Southern Comfort.

He also appeared in Predator along with Governors-To-Be Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura, and this is where he got the delusion that he could successfully run for Governor of Kentucky in 2003!

#3 – Linda Lovelace

Ok, Linda Lovelace never actually did run for President! But she did make a film called Linda Lovelace For President. Minor technicality! However, she’s arguably the most famous porn star of all time and she kinda looks like GOP MILF slut Sarah Palin, so we’re leaving her in!

#2 – Marey Carey

Lovely Marey Carey, followed Linda Lovelace’s advice by running for Governor of California in 2003. Her wonderful platform included making lap dances tax deductible, create a ‘Porn for Pistols” campaign to reduce handgun numbers and install live webcams in the Governor’s Mansion.

Man, that’s the best platform ever put forward by a candidate! We really do wish she’d won! We could watch her gyrating live in the Governor’s Mansion every night!

Very sadly, Marey didn’t win – even though she pulled in 10,000 votes!

However, she changed her name slightly and went on to have a successful pop muzak career under the handle Mariah Carey!

#1 – Ilona Staller – La Cicciolina

This sort of madness could happen only in Italy!

Here’s hot Hungarian-born Italian Pornstar Ilona Staller – better known as La Cicciolina (i.e. “The Little Fleshy One” !)- who is, according to Wiki , the first hardcore performer in the World to be elected to a democratic parliament.

Specifically, she was elected to the Italian Parliament in 1987 with 20,000 votes. Her platform included the ‘absolute sexual freedom” including “the right to sex in prisons“, ( what? we thought sex was a staple of prison life! We guess she means “sex which does not involve bending down to pick up the soap”!)

Staller first achieved fame in 1973 with a radio show called “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” (French for “Do You Want to Sleep with Me?”) on Radio Luna. For that program she adopted the name “La Cicciolina.” Although she appeared in several films from 1970, she made her debut under her own name in 1975 with La liceale, whose U.S. title was The Teasers, playing Monica, a lesbian classmate of Gloria Guida. In 1978, on the RAI show “C’era due Volte” her breasts were the first to be seen bared on Italian TV!

In the coming years, Staller starred in countless hardcore porn films. Cicciolina’ starred in her last porn flick in 1992.

Staller married mad American post-modernist tat “sculptor” Jeff Koons in 1991. Koons produced sculptures and paintings of the couple having sex, which were exhibited under the title “Made In Heaven.” The marriage broke up in 1992, and their son Ludwig was born shortly afterwards.

In addition to posing for Jeff Koons, Staller has posed nude as a Playboy Magazine model in different countries’ editions.

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