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Michael Ballack Über Alles – Über plonker!

Ya Vol! What an Über moron!!

The arrogant, over-rated, useless German, just before yesterday’s mauling by Man Utd comes up with this insanely dumb statement!

Herr Ballack said in the News of the World, “A few weeks ago I was sure United were our strongest opponents but now I think Liverpool are the major threat.”

Well actually Herr Bollox could be right. Liverpool are indeed Chelsea’s Biggest Threat. For second place in the league!!

However, the way things are going for the mercenaries, Aston Villa could well end up their biggest threat! For third place in the league!!

Michael Ballack: Liverpool Are Chelsea’s Biggest Threat, Not Manchester United

by Mike Maguire,


As he prepares to step out at Old Trafford this afternoon, Michael Ballack has declared that Manchester United are no longer the “major threat” to Chelsea’s title ambitions.

The Germany captain instead believes that Liverpool, who drew 0-0 with Stoke City yesterday, are the main obstacle the Blues must overcome in their quest for a fourth English championsip.

Ballack said in the News of the World, “A few weeks ago I was sure United were our strongest opponents but now I think Liverpool are the major threat.”

Such a statement would have been met with derisive laughter last season, or in any of the past Premier League campaigns, as the Reds have failed to mount any serious challenge since the competition’s inception.

But Rafael Benitez’s side are different prospect this term. They sit atop the table after 20 games and have shown they are capable of winning in all manner of ways.

What’s more, the Anfield giants have proved themselves against their direct rivals: Man United fell on Merseyside in September, and a month later Xabi Alonso dealt the Pensioners their first league loss at Stamford Bridge since 2004.

And Ballack reckons the 18-time champs have what it takes to snare their long overdue 19th title.

He said, “They have shown in the past few games that they have the character to deal with being top of the league. They have shown they can handle pressure. Liverpool is a team we respect.

“It’s not like the past few seasons when they were inconsistent. It’s not like it is the middle of October or November — it’s the middle of January and they look like they can sustain a challenge for the title.”

Chelsea lie second in the standings and will move within one point of top spot if they down the third-placed Red Devils today.


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