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Michel Houellebecq – Présence Humaine [2000]

Michel Houellebecq – Présence Humaine [2000]
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That human beings sometimes help each other out,
That one may be happy past the age of thirteen?
There are certain solitudes that seem without cure;
As for love, I don’t believe in it anymore.

– La poursuite du bonheur (The Pursuit of Happiness)

Yap, the great Michel Houellebecq is our favourite modern French author by a country mile – or should that be a country kilometer! We love his elan, his themes and his fucked up world view!

Here’s a profile of the great man from the Guardian ….


“I’d like to believe that the self is an illusion … but if it is, it’s a pretty painful one.”

French island of La Reunion, off the coast of Madagascar

Other jobs
Before achieving literary fame, Houellebecq spent time as an obscure poet and had a day job debugging computers at the French parliament.

Did you know?
He was tried for calling Islam ‘the most stupid of all religions’, but was acquitted.

Critical verdict

Graphic and lucid in style, Houellebecq tackles the dark side of the late-20th century: the descent of the west into an orgy of consumerism; the decline of Christianity; the destructive fallout of the swinging 60s. He is grimly contemptuous of the west’s most cherished tenets: individualism, free will, serial monogamy.One novelist friend explains this black philosophy through personal damage: “If I had had a childhood like him I would have killed myself. He is a zombie back from the dead and telling us what it is like.” Will Self was less impressed: “He’s just a little guy who can’t get enough sex.”

Recommended works
Houellebecq’s 1994 debut, L’Extension du Domaine de la Lutte (Whatever), ridiculed bureaucracy, sex, death, free love and free trade. His follow-up, Les Particules Elementaires (Atomised) was published in 1998 and won the Impac Award four years later. It tells the story of two half-brothers, a withdrawn academic and a driven sensualist. The hero of Platform (2002), Michel, loses his lover in an Islamic terrorist attack; the book has been accused of fostering Islamophobia and sex tourism. 2003’s Lanzarote came later, but was basically an earlier draft.

Stylistic influences can be seen in French ancestors Flaubert and Baudelaire; philosophically, he is closer to Nietzsche and Celine.

Now read on
Try Will Self’s short stories and novellas, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, The Butcher by Alina Reyes or Journey to the End of the Night by Celine. Houellebecq’s favourite book is The Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann’s philosophical novel set in an asylum.

Whatever (L’Extension du Domaine de la Lutte) was made into a film in 2000. Houellebecq has recorded a CD of his poetry, Presence Humaine (Tricatel Records).

Michel HouellebecqThis is a rather strange project Houellebecq got involved with some years back.

Released on Bertrand Burgalat’s Tricatel label in 2000, Houellebecq tries his hand at singing in a punk rock/ experimental style. Something akin to a French FALL with Houellebecq as Mark E. Smith!

Of course too, a Houellebecq piece appears on the latest album from the Queen of France, Marie Antionette II, sorry Cara Bruni II – already posted here.

We really want to thank our anonymous French pal who sent us this great stuff! Merci bien mon copain!

So here’s the album from the ‘kilometer-man’. … Let them eat more CDs!!


01. Présence humaine
02. Séjour-club
03. Paris-Dourdan
04. Playa blanca
05. Les pics de pollution
06. On se réveillait tôt
07. Plein été
08. Célibataires
09. Crépuscule
10. Derniers temps

Here she be, mofos!

All thanks to Monsieur Anonymous!

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Michel Houellebecq – "Présence Humaine" – Paris, May 2000.

Michel HouellebecqHere’s the great Michel Houellebecq doing his Mark E Smith imitation with a track from his 2000 album “Présence Humaine”!!

This was recorded live at Folies, Pigalle on 23 May 2000.

Man, I had some crazy fucked-up nights in Pigalle when I stayed in Paris! Some very accommodating filles hang out round there, you know! I never met Houellebecq there though!

Anyway, without further do-do, here’s Micky!

Big thanks to the original poster

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