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Moloko – All Back To The Mine (2 discs)(2001)(@192)

Moloko – All Back To The Mine
2 discs
released in 2001

“All Back to the Mine is a compilation album by Moloko containing remixes of singles and album tracks.

Spanning two discs, the songs are segued together much like a nightclub DJ set.

All Back to the Mine was released in the UK by Echo Records in 2001.


Disc one

“The Time Is Now” (DJ Plankton Mix) – 10:31
Remix – DJ Plankton
“The Flipside” (Herbert’s Surround Sound Mix) – 6:42
Remix – Matthew Herbert
“Pure Pleasure Seeker” (Todd Edwards Pleasure For Life UK Vocal) – 7:00
Remix – Todd Edwards
“Dominoid” (Panty Sniffer Mix) – 7:16
“Sing It Back” (Mousse T’s Feel Love Mix) – 6:05
Remix – Mousse T.
“Indigo” (Robbie Rivera’s Dark Mix) – 7:34
Remix – Robbie Rivera
“Pure Pleasure Seeker” (Oscar G’s Cuba Libre Dub) – 5:34
Remix – Oscar G
“The Flipside” (Swag’s Mocoder Dub) – 5:14
Remix – Swag
“Knee Deepen” (Salt City Orchestra Edit) – 4:48
Remix – Salt City Orchestra
“Sing It Back” (Can 7 1930’s Mix) – 2:17
Remix – Can 7

Disc two

The Time Is Now (Bambino Casino Mix) – 7:06
Remix – Bambino Casino
Lotus Eaters (Ashley Beedle’s Funk In Your Neighbourhood Mix) – 4:49
Remix – Ashley Beedle
Party Weirdo (Wackdown Mix) – 6:16
Fun For Me (Plankton’s Pondlife Mix) – 6:02
Remix – DJ Plankton
Indigo (All Seeing I Glamoloko Edit) – 4:29
Remix – The All Seeing I
Lotus Eaters (Luke Vibert’s Plug Mix) – 6:44
Remix – Luke Vibert
The Flipside (DJ Krust Dub) – 3:02
Remix – DJ Krust
Where Is The What If The What Is In Why? (Wonderbook Remix) – 6:22
Remix – Mark Brydon
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pizzicato Mix) – 7:06
Remix – Pizzicato Five
Day For Night (Quarter Master Mix) – 5:10
Remix – Jim Carmichael
The Time Is Now (FK’s Blissed Out Dub) – 10:27
Remix – François Kevorkian

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