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Peter Gabriel – Deutsches (1982) – rare album

Peter Gabriel – Deutsches (1982)

A rather strange and rather rare LP, this!

Deutsches (1982) is the second German language album by Peter Gabriel.

Second? Gabriel must love Germans and the German language!

Well, the Germans have long been known as a lovely, fun-filled, peaceful, non-nazi, non-supremacist, non-violent people.

And the German language is just so so so melodic and beautiful! For example, the song title ”Handauflegen” just rolls off the tongue!!!

Ya voll! Sieg Heil!!

So this one is actually a German language adaptation of Gabriel’s fourth album, Peter Gabriel (1982) (Security in the United States). The deutsches album was released simultaneously with the international edition in Germany. In lyrics and mixing, the album is noticeably different from the international release.
This album boasted a different running order and some substantially remixed songs from the English language version. Even the background vocals were redone in German.

Gabriel’s previous German language album, ein deutsches album (1980), had been more or less just an overdub of its corresponding English language version, Peter Gabriel (1980).

The running album of deutsches album is slightly different from its parent, as “San Jacinto” is transposed with “The Family and the Fishing Net” (here, “Das Fischernetz”). There are also some obvious differences in running times, with some songs being 15-30 seconds longer or shorter than the corresponding international versions. Track eight gained a final coda not on the English version, while track seven has an earlier instrumental fade.

Other changes are only noticeable when listening to both versions back-to-back, such as the shouted nonsense refrain of “WAKAKA WAKAKA” in track three. There are also subtle differences in the instrumental mixes.

So if you’re a lover of the phrase “WAKAKA WAKAKA WAKAKA WAKAKA”, this is the LP for you!


1. ”Der Rhythmus der Hitze” – 5:36
2. ”Das Fischernetz” – 6:45
3. ”Kon Takt!” – 4:31
4. ”San Jacinto” – 6:13
5. ”Schock den Affen” – 5:43
6. ”Handauflegen” – 6:02
7. ”Nicht die Erde hat dich verschluckt” – 5:59
8. ”Mundzumundbeatmung” – 4:54


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Mushroom – ‘Early One Morning…..’ 1973

Mushroom – ‘Early One Morning…..’ 1973

Here’s the long forgotten sole album release – on CD reissue – from a little known Irish art rock / progressive psych band from the early seventies.

The line up included Alan Brown – guitar, bass & vocals, Pat Collins – mandolin, violin, sound effects & vocals, Michael Power – organ & moog, Aengus McNally – guitar, tin whistle and vocals and Colm Lynch-percussion & wood chimes.

This stuff should appeal to fans of bands like Third Ear Band, Fairport Convention and the Strawbs.


1. Early One Morning
2. Liothdón
3. Crying
4. Unborn Child
5. Johnny the Jumper
6. Potter’s Wheel
7. Standing Alone
8. Devil Among the Jailors
9. Tenpenny Piece
10. Drowsey Maggie
11. King of Alba

Here’s shrooms

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